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Make Entwined a Permanent Piece of Art: Sign the Petition

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‘Entwined’ in Golden Gate Park. Photo by Jason Chinn

Public art installations like ‘Entwined’ in Golden Gate Park provide a real service to our city, not only do they provide a wonderful and safe destination for all ages, they provide a safe harbor in Golden Gate Park after dark.  I mean, before the Ferris Wheel near de Young Musem, and the new Bocce ball courts near Stanyan, and the lighted tree forest ‘Entwined’ in Peacock meadow, when was that last time you felt comfortable going into the park at night?

“Entwined” was  built by Bay Area artists and volunteers, designed and headed by artist Charlie Gadeken.  It was installed for Golden Gate Park’s 150 year anniversary celebration.  Before now, Entwined has been tour, it was in Vegas at the Electric Daisy Carnival, in LA for the Wonderland Festival and in Canada for the Toronto Light Festival.

Fans of the structure are calling signatures to help persuade the San Francisco Parks Alliance, and the SF Supervisors to keep the installation permanently in Peacock Meadow.   To start this process they are collecting signatures of support.

What you can do to help:


1. Sign the petition

2. Share the petition on FB / email

3. Come visit Entwined in Peacock Meadow: running till April 4th,
every night till 930PM

Keep Entwined in Golden Gate Park!

Entwined is scheduled to come down April 4th. My friend made a petition that she are trying to get people to sign, to make Entwined a permanent piece of art in Golden Gate Park.

Dear San Francisco,

Entwined at Peacock Meadows, Golden Gate Park, has been an incredible experience and beacon of joy for all us.  Entwined closes on April 4th.

Entwined has been a fantastic experience for everyone, a light in the darkness, a place of safety and somewhere magical for friends and family to meet: truly a whimsical wonderland.

Please make Entwined a permanent piece of art in Golden Gate Park and let us enjoy this art every day and every night.



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