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Supervisor Aaron Peskin Enters Alcohol Treatment Program

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In a statement today posted on Aaron Peskin’s social media channels, the Dsictict 3 Supervisor announced that he will “enter into alcohol treatment under the guidance of professionals”, the statement continued to elaborate, “(I) must also take full responsibility for the tenor that I have struck in my public relationships – for that I am truly sorry.”

Supervisor Peskin’s full statement and original tweet are bellow:

The statement does not clarify how long Peskin will seek treatment.   There is no mention of resignation, rather the statement says that Peskin remains deeply committed to the legislative agenda as a public official.

The Sf Chronicle reported that Mayor London Breed told city department heads Wednesday that inappropriate behavior from supervisors would not be tolerated and that she would work with the City Attorney’s office and Department of Human Resources about how they could hold supervisors accountable.

The Chronicle could not locate any formal complaints made against Peskin, but reported that City Hall staffers privately said they felt uncomfortable and disrespected by the supervisor.

Mayor Breed’s meeting followed Peskin berating Rec and Park chief Phil Ginsburg on Tuesday. More than two dozen people interviewed by the Chronicle reported concerns about Peskin’s inappropriate behavior, including bullying his colleagues and lower-level city staff, using profane language in private conversations and baselessly accusing a department head of corruption.

Peskin did make a headline or two in recent weeks in the chronicle as they reported on heated depate on the board as well as presenting data showing that the male supervisors on the board “dominate discussions, interrupt more” than their female colleagues.

Peskin is currently serving his fifth non-consecutive term on the Board of Supervisors, after serving two terms from 2001-2009 (including two terms as the unanimously-elected President of the Board).  Peskin has always been a champion of affordable housing in SF, an advocate for strong public transit and progressive issues in general.

We at brokeassstuart.com commend Supervisor Peskin for addressing his problem with alcohol, and wish him a speedy recovery.

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  1. June 11, 2021 at 6:44 am

    Peskin is a horrible person. Alcoholism is a perfect explanation. Think of all the havoc he has wrought. I believe in redemption and wish him well too. But, accountability for his lies and misdeeds requires he resign immediately.

    Example: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/45219887

  2. Arthur Friend
    July 15, 2021 at 10:24 pm

    He is a horrible person. Always playing politics… Always pandering to anybody like for a vote. He’s even a thug for the Communist Party of China. Fact:Rose Pak (Who was the political power behind Peskin), was a communist party member and a spy for the CCP. When she died, the consul general here in San Francisco, and the ambassador from DC, were at her damn funeral. Peskin was in hers and their pocket.

    And because of him being in her pocket, we now have a Muni station named after her. The only station in San Francisco named after a person… And it is named after a CCP member.

    Horrible person. Communist sympathizer. Not only should it be forced to resign, he should be investigated by the US attorney‘s office for colluding with enemy agents.