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Acrobats and Circus Take Over Beach Blanket Babylon Venue!

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The treasured San Francisco mainstay ‘BBB‘ may be gone, but some high flying, death defying, crique de soleil designing, clowns, acrobats and artists have moved in, giving Club Fugazi a new lease on life and on stage.

The ‘7 Fingers’ arts collective who how inhabit Babylon, and are led by life long circus performer and stage director Gypsy Snider & Cirque de Soleil choreographer Shana Carroll.  Both are known for directing incredible acrobatic & artistic performances, they are both circus lifers.

The team of producers have tony award winning chops too, 7 fingers isn’t fucking around, and Club Fugazi needs an incredible playbill to fill the very large and legendary hats of Beach Blanket.

Their upcoming show ‘Dear San Francisco: A High-Flying Love Story‘ is billed as “an intimate and immersive production.  Powered by exhilarating acrobatics, choreography, spoken word, video projections, shadow play, and original music, ‘Dear San Francisco’ invites viewers on a heart-stopping romp through the essence and the myth that is San Francisco.”

Checkout the cast and crew here.

Club Fugazi got a nice big facelift this year.

“This project is a labor of love,” says Club Fugazi Experiences Co-Producer David Dower. “To have the opportunity to reanimate a venue with such a rich history, at the very moment we are coming out from under this long, dense cloud, is a powerful and energizing privilege for us.”

The show will use the entire club to engage the audience regardless of where you are seated, the chairs now “swivel side-to-side to visit with friends and follow performers as they move around and among the audience and venue”.

Tickets range from $35-69 bucks, not bad at all for SF!



Out of the fog of 2020, Club Fugazi reemerges with an acrobatic love letter to our dear San Francisco.


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