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The Doggle Movement has Hit San Francisco

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Every now and again you discover something that is innately good for the world.  I’m not talking about antibiotics, microchip technology or even pizza.  No, I’m talking about ‘doggles’.

Mission District, SF. Wednesday.  You may have seen them posing all over the city or via instagram:  @outtt_n_abouttt

San Francisco’s favorite pack of wandering photogenic dogs, in costume, were found posing in the Mission on Wednesday.  Their owner is a delightful San Francisco weirdo who posts frequently on the doggie instagram: @outtt_n_abouttt

You might think that the doggle movement has no practical application, and that putting performance eyewear on dogs is meaningless, fatuous, and borderline ridiculous!

To the doubters I would like you to witness doggle performance functionality Exhibit A:

Not convinced?  witness Exhibit B:

I mean, just look at these two pups, they look like they are ready to conquer the world together:

You can find the SF’s doggle doggies posing all over the city, you can find more pictures of cute dogs wearing goggles here.  You can find doggles for your dog, on the internet.

Sometimes, you just need to look at something meaningless, and smile.

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