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SOUND REMAINS: The Audiovisual Thrill You’ve Been Looking For

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Pod Blotz performs with audiovisual elements. Courtesy of Suzy Poling.

SOUND REMAINS organizer David Easlick seeded intrigue while discussing Thursday’s event, one in an ongoing series that combines both sonic and visual elements. Easlick aims to create a “saturated, interactive environment” that pushes boundaries among artists and attendees. “For me, the only way an event is interesting is if there is a lot of crossover happening, or worlds colliding,” Easlick said. “I don’t like to be surrounded by a lot of people who look and think the same way.” 

Not one for homogeneity, Easlick selected artists who were diverse yet complementary. SOUND REMAINS will feature performances by Carlos Souffront, Pod Blotz, Article C, and La Macaoa. RFD & Tooth, We are still here, John Benson, and coatshek will supply complementary art installations and visuals. 

Many of these artists are old friends of Easlick’s. “I’m not really a curator,” he said. “I’m just someone who has a lot of really inspiring friends.” One longtime friend is Suzy Poling, known for her sound art as Pod Blotz. Poling is a self-described polymath and interdisciplinary artist who works in sound, video, sculpture, painting, and performance art. SOUND REMAINS will feature Poling’s first live set since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down performance venues. 

“Sonically, I will bring the usual syncopated rhythmic noise,” Poling said, “but the intention and feeling behind the work has evolved.” Poling describes her sound art as a mix of techno elements, created using modular and semi modular synthesizers. “This show is very diverse in terms of mixing straight techno with noise acts and syncopated rhythmic soundscapes,” Poling said of Thursday’s lineup. 

Poling is currently exhibiting works at Indexical Space in a series titled “Landscape & Life” alongside artist Paige Emery. The show will close this weekend on November 13.

This will not be the last we hear of SOUND REMAINS. Easlick will start planning the next event in the series “as soon as the dust settles.” Meanwhile, he remains tight-lipped about what’s in store for this Thursday. 

“I’m performing at this event, but I can’t really say too much about the performance,” Easlick said. “You’ll just have to go to find out…There will be lots of surprises.”

Date & Time:
Thu, November 11, 2021, 9:00 PM –
Fri, November 12, 2021, 3:00 AM PST
Doors at 9:00 PM

Public Works Loft
161 Erie street
San Francisco, CA 94103


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