Value Culture Is Throwing a Party for Your Pup (Humans are Invited, Too!)

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If there’s anywhere in the world that loves dogs, it’s definitely San Francisco. Ranked as the #1 most Dog-Friendly city in America (in 2016, at least), SF loves its furry friends like family – better than family, sometimes. We love our puppers like our kids – so why shouldn’t we share with them all the same rites and rituals we’d share with our children?

This afternoon, local nonprofit venture Value Culture is partnering with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to host a one-of-a-kind event especially for our dog-loving city: The Bark Mitzvah! This interactive, immersive arts and entertainment event gives your canine pal the chance to “come of age” with all the pomp and circumstance they deserve (and we’ve got a super sweet discount code for our readers at the end of this article, too!)

The brainchild of Value Culture organizer Adam Swig, The Bark Mitzvah is an event designed to spread positivity and happiness, as well as to share a cultural experience. According to Swig, “Most people probably haven’t had the chance to experience the Jewish cultural experience of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the coming of age ceremony and celebration for 13 year olds. Oftentimes Jewish culture is also misunderstood and not accessible to learn about. There’s also always been a fun joke amongst my Jewish friends that when your dog turns 13 they should get a ‘Bark Mitzvah’. So I took this idea to another level.”

But what is the Bark Mitzvah, exactly? “The Bark Mitzvah is an interactive art experience,” says Swig “You and your dog become art. We don’t want to give away too much of the scene we are setting, but it’s an example of a traditional celebration that would take place at a bar mitzvah party.” Participants become part of the scene designed by NYC artist Danielle in Doodles, and photo-booth company SnapFiesta will capture the magic. And don’t forget to get your certificate of Bark Mitzvah before you leave, so you can remember your dog’s special day forever. Swig is hoping that the event is popular enough to take on tour soon, so be on the lookout for Bark Mitzvah’s in Beverly Hills and NYC too!

And for those of you without dogs, don’t worry – they have a “pet simulator” on hand so you can share in the special day, too!

The event is free (RSVP here!) and will be going on until 5:00 pm today at 1506 Haight street; but if you want to skip the line, VIP passes are available for purchase right here – and our readers can get an exclusive $5 off their VIP passes when they use the code BROKEASS at checkout!

So what are you waiting for? Head on down to the Haight for a super-special, super-San Franciscan experience. Mazel tov!!!

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Lizzie Locker - Events Editor

Lizzie Locker - Events Editor

Lizzie Locker has been an artist, entertainer, and “glamour girl” since birth. Since 2017, Lizzie has been writing professionally for small businesses, as well as creatively. She has published essays in VIE Magazine, and has written website and social media content for pole dance studios, afterschool programs, and reference sites. At the same time, Lizzie has also continued to develop her performance career at queer nightlife events across the Bay Area. She can be found both onstage and off, reading her stories aloud in bars, emceeing drag and burlesque shows, and producing arts events that defy genre and expectation.

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