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Speak Truth to Power With City College’s Journalism Classes, Now Enrolling Students

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Editor’s note: Enrollment is now open for the Spring 2022 semester, which starts January 18. Classes are remote and free for SF residents through Free City. You can see some of CCSF Journalism students’ work from the Spring 2021 semester published across 48hills, KQED, The Guardsman, and San Francisco Bay View.

By JT Wildfeuer

Learn to write for an audience, speak truth to power and empower the powerless, or just swing by and grab a handful of awards if that’s your thing.

In the last year City College of San Francisco’s Journalism Department has continued its storied legacy of top-notch student reporting, raking in over 80 awards, including several for general excellence.

In 2022 the department will continue its collaboration between students and newsrooms across the Bay Area and explore expansion into new arenas of reportage like podcasting and social media.

Department Chair Juan Gonzales has chosen to spend his fiftieth year with colleagues Alex Mullaney and Jessica Lifland, continuing to mold capable (and award-winning) writers, editors, and photographers.

Now perhaps more than any time in history it has become vital to learn the skills needed to document events and sort fact from fiction; rarely is there an opportunity to apprentice in them close to home, let alone from home.

If your interest is piqued, enroll in an online class this Spring. If you’re a resident, take it for free through Free City.

Each semester brings with it fresh faces who in turn bring with them a diversity of perspectives, beliefs, and cultural lenses, from young concurrently enrolled high school students to seasoned professionals with years and careers.

Journalism is a community potluck of skills and we want whatever you have to bring to our table. We’ll help you make it polished and get it published for the portfolio, and you’ll help keep the Bay Area in-the-know on some of its most important issues and influential institutions.

So whether you’d like to build a reputation and rack up some bylines, or just want to know how to properly investigate and verify information to better defend yourself at family gatherings, there is a place for you in the City College Journalism Department.

Contemporary News Media

Jour 19: CRN 31193 – 3 Units

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:40-11 a.m.

Juan Gonzales

Editorial Management

Jour 25: CRN 32474 – 3 Units

Mondays & Wednesdays 12:10-1:25 p.m.

Juan Gonzales

Internship Experience

Jour 31: CRN 31196 / 33770 – 1 or 2 Units


Juan Gonzales

Data and Multimedia Journalism

Jour 35: CRN 33692 – 3 Units

Tuesdays 6:10-9 p.m.

Alex Mullaney

Investigative Reporting

Jour 36: CRN 31820 – 3 Units

Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:10-12:25 p.m.

Juan Gonzales

Introduction to Photojournalism

Jour 37: CRN 34149 – 3 Units

Wednesdays 6:10-9 p.m.

Jessica Lifland

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