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Taco Bell is Bringing Back the Mexican Pizza

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Taco Bell is apparently bringing back its ‘Mexican Pizza’,  perhaps the most confusing and mislabeled food item since ‘French toast’ was also invented by Americans.   If the rumors and leaks are true the item will be back on the menu in Spring/Summer 2022, with a bacon/ranch option.  Many of the rumors are stemming from a blog called, and are perpetuated by several influencers and a couple of food marketing sites.

The Mexican pizza was first taken off the menu in November of 2020 to help Taco Bell meet its environmental sustainability goals, T-Bell said, “to leave a lighter footprint on our planet. Currently, Mexican Pizza packaging accounts for over 7 million pounds of paperboard material per year in the U.S.”

So fair play to Taco Bell, fast food chains are a massive contributor to global warming, between the meat production and excessive packaging waste, we should applaud them whenever they reduce their carbon/methane footprint.  This is the reason McDonald’s chicken nuggets come in paper bags now instead of cartons for example.

According to the rumors, there was so much outcry from Mexican Pizza fans after removing the item, that TBell is going to bring it back like McDonald’s brings back the McRib periodically, to temporarily explode sales and digestive tracts in select areas.

Taco Bell did put the Mexican Pizza back on its online menu recently to lend credibility to the rumors, although the “item is not currently available”, it would be a very strange move to put it back online with no plan to follow through.

There is also an alleged ‘leaked transcripts’ posted online of Taco Bell Vice President and COO at a convention confirming the re-release of the Mexican Pizza this Spring.  There is no way to confirm this transcript is authentic as of yet, but if it’s fake that that means someone went through a lot of trouble to fake a re-release of perhaps the most inauthentic “pizza” on the planet.

The Taco Bell website describes its Mexican Pizza as “a delicious love child of Mexican and Italian cuisine”, which are a bunch of words that really should never have been used together…most of all the word “cuisine”.  Any item on the Taco Bell menu seem to be a different combination of the same 5 ingredients, the biggest difference being the shape that item comes in.

Do you want it in a taco shape or a pizza shape? also alleges there will be a “double cheesy” version of the Mexican pizza which includes ‘spicy chorizo’.

The Mexican Pizza concept first appeared at Taco Bell in 1985 and was called the ‘Pizzazz Pizza’.  Its first 80’s commercial is below, and it’s both hilarious and frightening at the same time.

See you all at Taco Bell!

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