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Here’s How To Snag This Adorable Pigeon Tote Bag

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God… I love this bird….

Over the years, I’ve been a proud patron of the New Yorker…….’s tote bags, which have played an integral part of my outfits, travel overpacking, and grocery hauls. 

In March 2018, I snagged my first bag, with the classic design of the publication’s logo:




Then, I snagged this bad boy in October 2019:



And finally, in December 2021, the algorithmic ad targeting apparatus once again found my soft spot while I was wading through IG stories:

Open photo


1. Say “pigeon,” “tote,” “magazine,” “literary,” around your phone enough times to conjure the fabled Targeted Ad

Or, get a targeted friend to sling you one of the links (I got you, here’s one of them).

If you say “New Yorker” and/or “pigeon” around your phone enough times, you’re bound to get an ad on Instagram stories, which is what happened to some friends I told about the tote. 


2. Choose your $6 plan wisely!

I love physical magazines (and helped launch one, which you can order here!), so I picked the first option, which gives both a print magazine and digital access, alongside the tote, for $6. 

3. Open up a reminders/calendar app that you check, and count out 12 weeks from today (or google, “12 weeks from [today’s date]”)

Twelve weeks from Jan. 4, for example, would be March 29.


4. Working backwards from that twelfth week, set a multiweek/multiday reminder to yourself to cancel that subscription

Like how you set your morning alarm, customize to your likings and needs. Some folks are one-and-done types, but I would recommend giving yourself enough time to snooze the alarm and have wiggle room to account for busy/lazy/difficult weeks when you might not get to it right away (affirmation: It Is Okay That I Am Not Executively Functioning!!).

Make sure to make note in your reminder the deadline you figured out in step 3!

Bonus points if you add in your reminder links/contact info involved in reaching customer service to cancel your subscription (for your handy reference: 800 825-2510, or by e-mail).

Some examples:



5. Fill out payment and shipping info

Gotta do the tedious stuff first before the instant gratification of clicking the button!

6. Sit back, relax, until your bag arrives!

Dutifully notifying the groupchat.


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