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Yesterday was an Incredible Day to be a Bay Area Sports Fan

Updated: Jan 24, 2022 13:42
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Klay Thompson Mural, Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA. Mural by @illuminaries. Photo by Bill Abbott.

Hey take your shot of Fernet San Francisco because here we go. It’s a Monday and I’m talking about sports. If you were at the Clement Street farmers market or at Shanghai Kelly’s on Polk you heard the noise. The 49ers beat the Rams, made the playoffs, Klay Thompson made his comeback and the Raiders, which will always be Oakland, defied the gentleman’s handshake and the fix.

Let’s start with the 49ers. It was the earliest of all the games after all. It was so bad in the first half that one member of my group text quit, and I personally did yoga off of a youtube video from this very laptop. Yeah we’re all lost and I’m still not there yoga.

The Niners went limping into the locker room at halftime down 17-3. Showing no signs of caring let alone winning a football game. Coach Kyle said a thing or three and that team came out on fire in the second half renewing the Jimmy Garoppolo/Trey Lance old handy thumb conversation. Did he miss some passes? He did, but so did Derek Carr. More on that later.

Jimmy Garoppolo executed passes in the second half, some of which got his receivers absolutely destroyed by soft standards of today’s game. Over the middle Jimmy. The bottom line is Brandon Ayiuk and Deebo Samuel got their yards. A lot of them. The standout was Jennings. Probably overlooked and it worked. Crucial touchdowns, catches and a niners win. The D line which didn’t have the make up of being the Aaron Donald led group from the south showed up causing Stafford to be well…Stafford. 49ers win in overtime which means more parties for me.

Fast forward because I was drinking water…just kidding, I’m drunk but I love a good sports fight.

Klay Day. Mark your calendars and keep it sacred. 5:30 pm PST. He’s back as the PA announcer rang it out. Our splash brother, our shipman, the bearing of the seas, the man who sat down in a full interview while wearing a Brandon Belt SF (captain) hat, wanting nothing more than to be on the court again made his return.

Hit me with the stats Tim? Klay had 17 points over 20 minutes and the first two was a Klay soul floater in the lane. Fuck even the Cavs, big up to you, let my favorite ball kicker Draymond Green (calf injury) get on the court just to be there. It was that special. Warriors won in a rout.

The Oakland (I will never call them Vegas) Raiders took the San… my bad LA Chargers to the brink. I won’t lie, I followed the money and a tie was it. The NFL is done talking about Antonio Brown and needed a new focus. Conspiracy theory. Having a Raiders/Chargers tie where they both make the playoffs, I thought this game was it. Bad calls by the refs gave the Raiders a free touchdown. My predictions were in the bag. It all played out until Daniel Carlson who missed the memo, the handshake and the fix hit the field goal for the win with 2 seconds left in overtime. For those still here I applaud you, had he missed the kick and the game ended in a tie both teams would have been in the playoffs leaving Pittsburgh out.

Fuck I’m drunk and it was all worth it because it was one of the best sports days to go down in Bay Area history. Here’s to you Fernet!

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