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The 10 Most Disgusting Things Ever Seen at a Buffet Restaurant

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Buffet restaurants are world-renowned for their endless supply of delicacies from mashed potatoes to meatloaf to chocolate meringue pie. Diners can return to the steam table and scoop pile upon pile of food onto their plates even though they have absolutely no intention of eating all of it. People tend to like buffet restaurants because, not only are they affordable, they’re also family friendly. Well, with the exception of a Golden Corral in Pennsylvania where a massive brawl broke out last week because the buffet table ran out of steak. Of course the fight was recorded and posted online to be shared thousands of time. As comforting as a buffet is for a lot of people, for others, it brings up memories of fear and disgust. These are the ten worst things people have seen happen at a buffet restaurant:

Kristina: The chocolate fountain at Golden Corral was disgusting. Little kids would bite marshmallows and stick it right back in. One kid even threw a half eaten piece of pizza in there because they thought it would taste good.

Judy: It’s true the chocolate fountain machine is so gross. I saw a kid with boogers oozing down his nostrils. His brother lifted the kid and he basically had his face on the chocolate fountain machine sticking his tongue out to lick the chocolate.

Sal: People coughing all over the place, sneezing into their hands and then using those dirty hands to serve food. Not even bothering with the tongs sometimes, just picking it straight out of the pan with their dirty fingers.

Missy: I watched an employee drop slices of cake on the floor and pick them back up to put them in the case.

Kelsey: I saw a lady let her kid taste the mac and cheese with the serving spoon and then placed it back into the freaking mac and cheese for everyone else to use.

JD: There was this lady scarfing down food like there was no tomorrow and there was a plastic bus-tray sitting on the floor next to her. When I saw it I thought it was for her to put her empty plates in. But no…. She would turn in her seat and lean over and barf in the plastic bus-tray then go back to scarfing down food.

Leigh: A little girl stuck her hand in her pants and was fiercely scratching her butt, first with one hand then the other. She then went to the ice cream toppings area at the dessert bar and stuck both of her hands in the gummies and lifted them up with cupped hands and watched them fall. She did this over and over again until her mother went up to her and led her to the ice cream. The little girl did not want gummies on her ice cream and told her mother they were nasty.

Anonymous: Saw a dude came in for lunch buffet and eat a pretty good amount. Fell asleep in his booth for a few hours then ate buffet again for dinner.

Elliot: Just as we were finishing up at a buffet, we all heard a sharp squawking noise. There were birds in the restaurant flying around pecking at the food! I’d never seen anything like it in my life. And the worst part? No one seemed to care. No one was doing anything about it. The birds were even going for the ice cream!

Peter: I worked at Golden Corral for like two weeks. If you saw the meat room you’d throw up. It smelled rotten and there was blood and old bits of meat everywhere. It looked like a murder scene.

Next time you find yourself hankering for a buffet, just be warned. All types of people will be eating off the same piles food as you. Wash your hands before you eat, use the utensils to pick up the food, and if a fight breaks out make sure to record it with your phone and then post it online.

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Bitchy Waiter

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  1. Cadence
    February 3, 2022 at 12:30 pm — Reply

    Did all of these incidences happen in Pennsylvania’s Golden Corral?

  2. Jay
    February 5, 2022 at 3:24 pm — Reply

    I don’t know but the anonymous one doesn’t sound too bad.

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