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Servers Say These are the 5 Best Tippers. Are You One of Them?

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Anyone who has waited tables for more than a hot minute has pretty much developed a sixth sense that can sniff out good tippers from bad ones. And after waiting tables for many years, some servers think they can predict the tip based simply on the type of person that is headed to their section. In a recent very unscientific poll on Twitter and Instagram, servers said which people they thought were the best tippers. Of course this is a generalization and we can’t assume that every person in a specific group is always going to be an amazing tipper, but if several people all say it, there must be some semblance of truth to it. These are the five best tippers according to servers:

Restaurant workers and others who depend on tips – This is a no-brainer because these are the folks who know what it’s like to have a portion of their salary be dependent on the whims of customers. They are usually ready to dig a little deeper into their pocket than the average customer when it comes to a gratuity. From strippers to hair stylists to concierge workers, these people know the importance of tipping well for a service and they’re ready to fulfill the stereotype that they’re good tippers.

Gay men – No one can explain why gay men tend to tip more than the average customer, but everyone knows it. Expendable income? Maybe. Empathy for others who are seen as marginalized? Perhaps. A desire to be perceived as generous and caring individuals? Possibly. It doesn’t matter why, but almost any server is happy to take on a table of gay men. Any server who feels uncomfortable with them as a customer is only hurting themselves and their wallets.

Drinkers – You know how after you’ve had a couple too many drinks, you start opening up to your best friend about how you really, really care for them? And how grateful you are that they are part of your life and then you end the conversation with a deeply sincere hug? Alcohol is a social lubricant that sometimes helps people feel more comfortable saying what they want to say. It also sometimes helps people tip restaurant staff more and servers absolutely love it.

Business diners – When a server sees a group of men and women who are obviously using a corporate credit card, it’s an instant mood booster. These are people who are on the company’s dime and they’ll order whatever they want. “Bacon is three dollars extra? Sure, give me six buck worth of it!” Upcharges don’t mean a thing when someone else is paying for it. Maybe it’s even a two-martini lunch. There’s never a need for separate checks and when it comes time to tip, it’s usually pretty easy to assume it’ll be at least 20-25%. After all, maybe the person with the credit card sees tipping big as a way to stick it to the man. Servers are always eager to take that table of business lunchers.

Childless couples or couples with kids in the industry – Maybe childless couples have more disposable income than a couple who is feeding three kids while also saving for college educations and new sneakers. Or maybe couples without children are so happy with their life that they want to spread some joy in the form of 25% tips. Couples with children who work in restaurants no doubt have heard complaints from their offspring about bad tippers. Tipping large is their chance to make up for it. Whatever the case, servers are happy to take the money and run.

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Bitchy Waiter

Bitchy Waiter

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