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With more San Francisco food vendors than I can count this year (90+ restaurants), We’ve put together some nice, booze, food and music pairings at Outside Lands 2022.  For when your tank is low and you need to eat and chill before your next show.  I’ve been going to OL on and off since the first one in 2008 (pound sign Radiohead).   I heard the music from my Cole Valley apartment window, mosied down to the park, and ended up having a magical evening, the rest is history.

For the last several years I’ve been going with Broke-Ass Stuart, which always adds its own brand of entertainment, because so many SF punters recognize Stuart and want to stop and chop it up with him, there’s never really a dull moment.

If you’ve attended in the past you’re familiar with Wine Lands, where this year you can try up to 100 wines sourced from California wineries,  BEERLANDS with 30 brewers from all over NorCal, (and organized by Magnolia Brewing founder Dave McLean).  There are 3 cocktail bars too!

Without further ado, here are your dinner and show pairings for Outsidelands 2022:

Friday OL Music & Dinner Pairing

Every year, Friday night at Outsidelands feels like a college reunion of sorts, sometimes you run into San Francisco heads you only see once a year at Outside Lands, or friends you see around the SF music scene, and of course, you always meet new weirdos running around too.  So what’s the gastronomic pairing for Friday Night?  Simple, old-school, classic, San Francisco.

+ Rosemunde ‘SF Style’ sausage
+ Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Steam has been brewing Steam Beer in San Francisco for literally 126 years.  You can’t get more SF than that (also it really pairs well with fog), you can’t get a better beer to pair with the best sausages in the Bay Area either.  Rosemundes has been making sustainably sourced, delicious sausages in San Francisco since 1998, anyone who’s gotten hungry in the Lower Haight or on 24th St. knows that snapping into a Cheddar Brat ‘SF style’ will melt your hunger, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

This food and drink pairing, while grooving with the other Wave Twisters to San Francisco’s own living legend DJ Q-bert, is the best way to get your dinner break on Friday.  You’re probably going to want to chill after intermitendly dancing, laughing, and eye-rolling at Oliver Tree.   The added bonus is that you will be in the “Cocktail Magic” area already, so you can grab an after-dinner Cocktail and mossy on over to see SZA kill it at Lands End, hopefully with a pre-roled joint to share with your friends.

DJ Q-Bert

If you’re one of the youths, you’ll probably want to catch the onstage antics of Oliver Tree (Santa Cruz), if you’re into dope, melodic, songwriting checkout Colombian-Canadian artist Lido Pimienta.

Oliver Tree

Saturday OL Music & Dinner Pairing

Mozzeria’s Margarita Pizza
Rosé at Wine Lands
Franc Moody Funk (Sutro 5:30 pm)

On Saturday punters usually eat light, given they’re taking some kind of psychedelic or party favor, or a combination of the two.  So here is your curated, pre-party meal at OL.   First, if you’re an early bird, go see the all-girl, teenage punk band The Linda Lindas (12pm), they’re fucking great.  Then it’s pretty simple, you want a meal for the long haul, so grab some high-quality carbs and a nice glass of wine, you’re probably not going to need much more, where you’re going.

Mozzeria was created with the goal in providing customers a welcoming, memorable, and visual environment to experience Deaf culture while working to increase career placement opportunities for Deaf people.  They make authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas.

Mozzeria’s Margarita pizza & and a glass of rosé at Wine Lands (or what I like to call the “83% chance this is what Broke-Ass Stuart will be eating…pairing).   Once you’ve got your sustenance, why not go vibe to SF DJ Duserock, or cry it out on The Emo Night Tour dance floor?  And if you’re in a funk, hit Franc Moody.   If you’re less into dance than you are into “visuals”, bouncing, and maybe a little romance, Jack Harlow could be a trip. Feeling nostalgic?  Green Day.

Jack Harlow

The Linda Lindas

Sunday OL Music & Brunch Pairing

East Brothers ‘BO PILS’
Johnny Doughnuts.
Wet Leg (Sutro 4pm) OR Pussy Riot

Let’s face it, your fucking hungover today, if you’re smart you already ate breakfast before you arrived.  Clear up the fog in your brain with a nice, light, crisp East Brothers ‘BO PILS’, from a great little brewery out near Point San Pablo. And for ‘Brunch’ grab yourself something sweet from SF’s own Johnny Doughnuts.  You want something with sugar in it, because there is some great high-energy music on Sunday.

If you’re into booty slapping high energy hilarity, definitely catch Oakland-based Planet Booty.

Planet Booty

Why the two bands I want to see most, are playing at the same time is beyond me, but definitely catch Wet Leg and/or Pussy Riot on Sunday.

Wet Leg is my favorite new band.  They reign from a small island off the coast of England, and they’re songwriting is fun, hilarious, and they just killed it at Glastonbury this summer.  Pussy Riot are legends, fighting the patriarchy and the entire Russian regime at their own peril, they are punk as fuck.

Then, despite the auto-tune, Post Malone is always entertaining, his songs are short, punchy, and the guy oozes charisma. Why not?

Wet Leg

Now, maybe you’re thinking, “sweet Jesus, this guy has no fucking taste, and why would I go see San Francisco artists when I can see them in the Bay anytime?!  Fair points, but also, fuck you.  Make your own goddamn Outside Lands schedule right here.

To curate you’re feasting, simply visit, there are literally hundreds of great Bay Area and greater California vendors at Outside Lands this year.  Jump in, the water is nice.

Outside Lands Everything here. 

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