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Where Most Pedestrians Get Run Over in San Francisco

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“Did you look both ways before you cros…“BAM!!  – Octavia Street., San Francisco

“Hey Motherfucker, this is a bike lan..“SPLAT!! –  Folsom St., San Francisco

“Dude, have you looked up from your phone in like..“POW!!  – Fake St., Gotham

Using dramatic recreations of pedestrian-involved traffic accidents along with sound effects we learned from the original Batman TV show, we hope to educate San Franciscans on the dangers of walking.  And also where the most dangerous walking happens in our fair city.

Thankfully the folks at SF Standard (Garrett LeahyLiz LindqwisterJoe Burn) did real research using data from SF’s police, transportation agency and health department, and created an interactive map of reported accidents involving pedestrians.

TOP Intersections for Traffic Collisions in SF

Since 2018, the spot where most pedestrians get hit by cars is at Market and Octavia streets.

Market & Octavia is most dangerous for pedestrians

No big surprise. This is both a freeway on-ramp, off-ramp, and bike artery and where traffic congestion is at it’s worst in the city.

The top three highest collision intersections are where Market intersects with 5th, 6th and Octavia, with 411 total collisions since city officials started publishing the data in 2005.

SF Intersections with Highest Number of Collisions (since 2005)

Market Street and Van Ness Avenue are hotspots for traffic collisions, these two arteries claim 10 of the top 15 intersections with injury-inducing collisions.

5th and Market : 146
Market and Octavia 135
6th and Market 131
Mission and Van Ness 126
16th and Potrero 120
Duboce and Mission 117
Market and 8th 116
13th and Van Ness 109
Market and 7th 108
19th and Sloat 104
Fell and Masonic 104
16th and Van Ness 102
Oak and Octavia 100
Hayes and Van Ness 100
Broadway and Van Ness 99


The worst intersections for pedestrians getting hit by cars were 5th, 6th, and 7th on Market st.

With the city making Market Street ‘car free’, it’s undoubtedle that these kinds of pedestrian-involved traffic accidents will go way down on Market Street.   for more traffic accident data check out the SF standard article here.


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  1. Max Chanowitz
    September 22, 2022 at 1:16 pm — Reply

    It’s great to get the info out there, but I must say I’m a bit disappointed in the passive language used in this article that seems to place all blame on pedestrians and does not ONCE mention the dangerous drivers that are actually doing the act of hitting people with their cars. Most of these collisions are due to negligent drivers running red lights/stop signs, making turns at speed without checking for pedestrians in their path, ignoring crosswalks, looking at their phones, etc.

    If we keep acting like these crashes “just happen” and are nobody’s fault, we’ll never get any closer to fixing the problem. We need to force SF drivers to be more careful and follow traffic laws, and this can be achieved with a mix of camera enforcement, patrolling traffic cops, and better protected infrastructure (i.e. steel or concrete bollards that can actually stop errant cars, not flimsy plastic posts that are easily run over).

  2. Max Chanowitz
    September 22, 2022 at 1:31 pm — Reply

    Even the SF Standard article that this info is pulled from includes plenty of quotes from locals about dangerous driver behavior, the city’s preferential treatment towards drivers, and the need for more traffic enforcement. It’s very jarring to see all that critical context removed, instead replaced with this positively deranged statement:

    “we hope to educate San Franciscans on the dangers of walking. And also where the most dangerous walking happens in our fair city.”

    Walking isn’t dangerous. CARS are dangerous.

  3. Frank
    September 26, 2022 at 3:41 am — Reply

    So why is there so much focus on closing streets in the western neighborhoods, some of the safest in the city, instead of focusing on the dangerous areas? Immediate gratification and photo ops for representatives, SFMTA and orgs?

    We need a capable SFMTA, not people on political career paths being spoon fed policy by nonprofits funded by tax dollars.

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