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10 reasons Why You Should go to Halloween Meltdown

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There’s a new Halloween tradition in the Bay Area and it’s called: Halloween Meltdown.

Since their first edition last year the folks from Total Trash Productions (same team behind Mosswood Meltdown, former Burger Boogaloo) and JOHN WATERS are bringing punk rock bands to the lovely Mosswood Park in Oakland and here’s 10 reasons why you should totally go:

1- John Waters is the host

Mr. Know-it-all, John Waters

John Waters is the coolest person alive, simple as that! He is a real punk before punk was a thing. You can see him in daylight bobbing his head to some good old rock’n roll at an intimate neighborhood park!  He introduces every band with extraordinary wit, his point of view of the world is precious. He doesn’t do social media, so this is a great opportunity to know what John thinks about what’s happening in the world right now and he also throws some stories about his films and personal experiences with the bands that are performing. According to him, the Festival is “the new new new new wave of punk” (read more here).

2- It’s the coolest Festival in the Bay Area

And I’ll tell you why: It’s small and organized by locals at a neighborhood park in Oakland. No big crowds, no huge lines, and nobody cares about your Festival look because everyone is grown up. But your Halloween Costume matters cause there’s a contest but you don’t really need to wear a costume if you don’t want to. It’s a Festival for cool people that don’t worry about being cool, they just are. It’s affordable and there are no techies! There’s actually a lot of cute people there.

3- The bands are great

The Festival is known for bringing the same bands over and over, and IT WORKS! They practice this on Mosswood Meltdown so why not do it with Halloween Meltdown as well? It’s great. You’ll always get to see Shannon and The Clams (she’s the First Lady of the Festival according to John Waters), The Mummies in some way or another are a constant (this year they are playing at the after party at Thee Stork Club). This year the lineup is wild: Lydia Lunch, Demolition Doll Rods, Sheer Mag, Josie Cotton (she’s bringing her dancers and, trust me you don’t want to miss this), Body Double, Amyl and the Sniffers, FUZZ and a bunch more.

4- Best Pit

It’s such a fun mosh pit, safe to stage dive if that’s your thing cause people won’t let you fall. There are seniors in the mosh pit! All ages punk kids at heart. At the end of the day, you will look like Pigpen from Peanuts because it is after all a pit on a park, so there’s an eventual cloud of dirt. Just embrace it, and have fun!

5- The Costume Contest

If you’re a Halloween freak you probably take every chance you can get to dress up and flaunt your costume, making the most of it. At Halloween Meltdown is already Halloween on October 8th and 9th and the weather is nice. The costumes are really great and you can actually make some money and win the contest. The poodle girls from last year were great! Click here if you need inspiration. Here are some of my other favorites:

The Poodles won it last year, well deserved

Cheech and Chong, a classic!

A League of their own, such a great costume!

6- There’s a Haunted House

The organizers are advising people to wear adult diapers before entering the Haunted House, that’s how scary and gnarly this is going to be. This is a creation of local artist Rob Fletcher. The Festival decoration is always great so I have high expectations for this scary endeavor.

7- Great Local Vendors

There will be ten incredible food vendors, including vegan options as usual, and a beer garden. I recommend the pizza, it’s a huge slice and it’s baked in a skull oven! There’s also a lot of other vendors like our lovely Amoeba, great merch from all the bands and more. So if you forget to bring a sweatshirt or a hat you can probably buy one there, very convenient!

8- Chill vibes

Even though it is a rock Festival it’s super chill, bring your towel and find a spot under a tree to relax between the concerts. Also, put on some sunscreen, bring a hat and sunglasses, and enjoy!

9- It’s safe and inclusive

The organizers are committed to making sure that everyone attending the event should feel safe and will not tolerate harmful behaviors such as non-consensual touching or verbal harassment.

10- FOMO

Honestly, you’re gonna regret it if you don’t go. It’s so much fun and when you watch all the videos and photos from the Festival you’ll know you wish you had gone. So, I’ll see you there. Meet me at the mosh pit!


Halloween Meltdown, October 8th and 9th

Mosswood Park, 3612 Webster St Oakland, CA 94609

Get your tickets here

for more information check out their FAQ



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Patricia Colli

Patricia Colli

Patricia Colli is an artist, printmaker and music enthusiast based in San Francisco. Meet me at the mosh pit!

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