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The Bay Area Is Going To Be Freezing This Week… Literally!

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It’s November, and despite climate change, the Bay Area still kind of has winters. Well, at least by California standards.

San Francisco is being spared the worst chills from the cold front. We’re only dropping down to 43 degrees this week at our lowest. Still cold, but not freezing. The freezing temperatures are mostly limited to the inland valleys of the East, North and South Bay.

The coldest city in the Bay is projected to be Santa Rosa.

Cities like Concord, Livermore and Antioch are all expected to land somewhere between 32 and 35 degrees at some point in the week.

The coldest city in the Bay is projected to be Santa Rosa. It could get as low as 28 degrees. That’s cold enough to shrivel your grapes in wine country. Also before you get your panties in a bunch, Santa Rosa is technically part of the Bay Area, it’s in Sonoma County.

It’s counts. Shut up.

This could be cool for all the rich kids who like to go to Tahoe and pretend they’re in Colorado. The people I’m most worried about is the Bay Area’s homeless population. The lowest temps will be in the inland suburbs, and the suburbs don’t have anywhere near the same level of resources as we do in San Francisco or neighboring cities like Berkeley and Oakland for the unhoused.

While we can’t change the weather, we can find other ways to help. The best thing we can do is if we have any warm clothes that we don’t need, find an unhoused person who doesn’t seem to be appropriately insulated from the climate and give them your blown out ass Patagonia jacket and some extra blankets you have laying around the house. These little gestures in freezing temperatures can be the difference between life and death.

I know firsthand. When I lived in the Downtown Martinez, there was a homeless woman by the name of Ulla Lacey. Typically, given the circumstances, I wouldn’t provide a deceased individual’s name, but this person was famous in Martinez. She was so famous that when she died, a local liquor store in Martinez made calendars and clothes with her image on them to remember her by. It was even covered in great detail by the East Bay Times. She froze to death on the streets of Martinez just a few blocks from my house. Drugs may have also had something to do with her passing, but being alone in the freezing cold certainly didn’t help.

Prior to her passing, Ulla had slept in my house on multiple occasions and if she would’ve asked, I’m sure my mom would’ve let her stay in our apartment. I had one of those homes where people were constantly coming in and out. I understand it is absurd to suggest that you let strangers off the street into your home, but at the very least, if you have extra shit lying around that you don’t need or can’t fit, you could help them survive the night.

Anyway, the moral of this article is wear a jacket and don’t be a dick. Not everyone has access to four walls and a heater.

RIP Ulla Lacey – a Downtown Martinez Legend.





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Abraham Woodliff - Bay Area Memelord

Abraham Woodliff - Bay Area Memelord

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