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New 2121 Art Space is a Thoughtful Collaboration

Updated: Feb 23, 2023 10:21
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All photography by Vita Hewitt

A new art space has opened its doors in the Mission District. 2121 Art Space is a thoughtful collaboration by Lori Grissom and Charles Cunningham, founders of Art Collector’s Forum.

artist, Gustavo Ramos Rivera left, Lori Grissom center, Charles Cunningham gallery co-director right

The inaugural exhibition 12X12 Invitational features artists from neighboring art studios and spaces like 540 Alabama’s Developing Environments.

This neighborhood has long been a delicious place for artists. It began in the 1970s with Project Artaud, named after Antonin Artaud of Exquisite Corpse fame. The Project’s founders believed in non-traditional art spaces for artists to come together to work, live teach and create.

As I walk up, the space is easy to spot with artists and art enthusiasts spilling out onto the sidewalk. Inside the space 12X12 paintings line the walls. Each piece is a unique experience of color and concept. I immediately spot the work of Linda Trunzo.

Linda Turzo

I first met Linda at the San Francisco Art Institute. She is primarily a painter, but she will always be remembered fondly by me for her performance piece in which her alter ego “Sunny” bench-pressed men strapped to a board. I take in the moody self-portrait that she has on display and step deeper into the crowd.

Artist Ant, with Happiness is being on the ‘Same Cycle,’ 2023, ink and watercolor on paper, 12 x 12

The art is represented by a myriad of mediums. There are soft textures and stark black-and-white photographs. A piece by Alex Wolf entitled Fog makes me wish I had enough to purchase it. A red dot tells me that another art collector has had the same thought. I see the artist Ant with his recognizable hair antennae. His piece is as quirky as it is humorous. He tells me that he’s always looking over his shoulder for lawsuits coming his way. He’s giggling as he says this.

Debra Walker

Toward the back of the space, I meet Debra Walker. Debra is a San Francisco Police Commissioner as well as an artist. She shows me her painting Everybody’s Fault. It is a rendering of the incident that went viral in January of Collier Gwin spraying an unhoused woman in front of his gallery.

Debra tells me that, in her opinion, the incident is a failure to aid and assist at every level and that changes absolutely need to happen.  She tells me that the system failed to help the woman find basic needs and even Collier when he apparently tried to call and find help for her before the incident happened.

2121 Art Space is located at 2121 Harrison Street. It seems to already a good place to find a diverse and insightful group of artists. The next time you go gallery hopping, don’t forget to add this spot to your list.

For hours and exhibitions visit their website:

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Vita Hewitt

Vita Hewitt

Vita is a half Chinese-Malaysian, photograph taking, plant foraging, vegetable garden growing, astronaut impersonating, conceptual art creating Bay Area human. She loves exploring the intricacies of the Bay Area Art Scene.