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Brooke Jenkins Is Allowing Banko Brown’s Murder To Go Unpunished

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There’s no such thing as a perfect person, and this is doubly true for politicians. There are always going to be times where a political figure makes a decision you disagree with or find to be immoral. But that doesn’t necessarily make a politician corrupt. It’s possible for someone to see the world differently than you and that’s okay. People who see the world differently and engage in public discourse is the foundation on which democracy is built upon. I understand that, but murder is murder and self defense is self defense.

The shooting of Banko Brown was not self defense and the video released by the San Francisco District Attorney’s office proves that. If you want to see the footage CLICK HERE.

If you watch the video, you will see Banko Brown attempt to leave the Walgreens on Market Street with a bag of what is presumably filled with stolen goods. The security guard, Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony, confronted Brown and, as the video clearly shows, won the altercation. The security guard beat up Banko Brown. We know Brown wasn’t a threat to the security guard because we just witnessed the security guard come out on top in a physical altercation with Brown.

Banko Brown was murdered after losing a fight in front of everyone and Brooke Jenkins is allowing the murderer to get away with murder despite video evidence proving it was murder.

After being punched in the face multiple times, wrestled to the ground and placed in a choke hold, Brown is able to get up. Brown grabs the bag, and appears to start talking shit to the security guard while clearly leaving the store. Then the security guard just shoots Banko Brown at point blank range in the chest. There wasn’t a threat. The footage proves that there wasn’t a threat.

There were rumors of Banko brandishing a knife. That wasn’t true.

I heard reports of Banko being shot in a life or death struggle with the security guard. That wasn’t true.

Banko Brown was murdered after losing a fight in front of everyone and Brooke Jenkins is allowing the killer to get away with murder despite video evidence proving it was murder.

Brooke Jenkins is a bad person. I usually try to be funny when I criticize politicians because humor has been my way of building my brand as a writer and content creator in the Bay Area. But I don’t find anything funny about this. Brooke Jenkins is a corrupt and egregiously biased district attorney. Her decision not to pursue charges in this case is stunning. Her apparent reluctance to release the footage when first called upon to do so proves that she understands she’s full of shit, but she has a job to do and her job is to ensure police, or their proxies are never held accountable for their actions.

It appears that courtesy has been extended to security guards.

Everyone has made bad decisions. Most people have stolen from stores at one point or another. No one should ever be killed for something as minor as petty theft.

San Francisco’s mask is slipping off because the money is leaving. The same people pushed out by its arrival are getting murdered to prevent its departure.

What a progressive place.





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