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Finally You Can Monetize Your Bar Stool with sQattr

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sQattr lets you rent out your bar stool while you use the bathroom

Do you like the Golden State Warriors?  Here’s your chance to cash in on your love of the game!  With sQattr you can now piss in comfort knowing that your bar stool is not only safe, but making you money.

How it works

sQattr (pronounced ‘Squatter’) allows you to rent out your vacant bar stool during games, as well as peg and claim up to 2 other bar stools for reservation and rental.  Using our state of the art QR coding system and any Android or iOS operated smartphone.  You simply ‘sQatt’ on the stool by scanning it’s sQattr QR Code and you have claimed those seats for the duration of your stay in participating bars.
sQattr app automatically checks people in and begins charging whoever sits on your stool while you are away.  During normal operating hours sQattr charges $1.25 a minute, but during peek hours such as the NBA Finals, sQattr will charge up to $45 a minute, and sQattr will only take 82% of the profits.
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Do you have prostate problems? That’s great, the longer it takes you to pee, the more money you will make from sQattr’s fully automated rental system

 sQattr Referral Program!

With our state of the art employee referral program, you can get your friends involved as well.  In Fact, through the NBA playoffs we’re doubling our sQattr referral credits for all sQattr’s who sign up their friends!  You can monetize your friendships, your favorite teams, and your favorite bar, all without ever having to give up your seat to a poor person.
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Hey let’s monotize together and keep poor people from stealing our seats at bars

Oh, by the way this is satire.  And we are not sorry if you got really upset and spent time writing nasty comments because you didn’t actually read the article or were too simple minded to understand that it was a joke.  love,
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