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How to See the Mets for Cheap(er)

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A little while ago BAS writer Amiee Kushner posted up a piece on how San Franciscans can see the Giants for cheap. Now, I will not subtly rag on the San Francisco Giants (if my Mets are not in a playoff situation and they are, I’m rooting for them). In fact, I actually saw them win the World Series a few years ago against Detroit and even I went to the parade afterward.

To build on Amiee’s great article, I believe I could provide the Mets equivalent for the NYC. We Mets fans are pretty enthusiastic about our team, ticket prices can in the way tough. I don’t ever want to utter the amount of money I shelled for two of the four Division Series games last year. Box seats are crazy, food is expensive, and outcomes can be disappointing (we are the Mets after all). Especially living in a city where the fare is $2.75, a good studio could be $2,000 a month, and the black tar heroin market is reaching a boom (don’t ask me how I know that).

There are a few things that Amiee states in her article that can work here too: befriending a season ticket holder, buying early tickets via the box office, or hiding your own food to the game. Think of this as kind of an addendum to her piece.

Attend a Weekday Game

You'll most likely be sitting in the 500 rows for these tickets. Sucks to be broke.

Photo Credit: Mets MLB You’ll most likely be sitting in the 500 rows for these tickets. Sucks to be broke.

As always, when the weekends arrive people want to go out and have fun with their paychecks, and as a consequence, home games serve to be a little bit more expensive. If you want to see the Metropolitans duke it out in Flushing for cheap, a very simple way is to just go to a weekday game. Stadiums expect weekday games to bring less of a draw. So, you can grab a $15 nose bleeder seat for a game against Pittsburgh on a Wednesday rather than $27 for those same seats against Atlanta on Saturday.

Brave the Cold Weather

Just like my heart.

Just like my heart. Photo Credit: CNN

As I am writing this New York City is finally showing signs of life after a brutal winter. So take my advice, when chilly fall weather comes around or it’s still frigid the first few weeks after Opening Day…get those tickets! Brave the elements! Games that are projected to be cold, incredibly windy, or have possible rain typically sell poorly. During the mid-summer is when prices typically increase, so if you head to a few games a not long after Opening Day or near the end of the regular season, you’ll be getting cheaper tickets.

Student Rush ID tickets


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College students are poor yadda yadda yadda. ::insert broke tuition/student loan joke here:: If you’re a youngster in academia and have evidence to prove it (ie. a college photo ID), you can get $10 Mets tickets! The only downside is that during the 2016 season, the student discount will not be in effect on August 1st and 2nd. Also make sure you buy your tickets via the box office, as online orders command a $2 fee. If you have to buy online, the $2 fee blows yes, but look on the bright side; you’re still getting a better deal than the $15 seats in the same locations!

Go see the Yankees….?

JKNever see the Yankees. Stay home and do something better with your life.

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