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Before You Post About Your Crappy Job Download This App First!

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I got laid-off from my ‘day-job’ about a month ago. It’s been good and bad. Actually….it was really hard when they first told me as I had been there over 3 years. I was angry and sad and frustrated and scared.

Our first response seems to be venting on social media nowadays. Don’t get me wrong blasting a boss or coworker on Facebook can feel great in the moment. And the support you get from your friends can be really empowering. But what happens if someone from you job gets wind of it….? The month prior on a suggestion from one of my tech circles I downloaded BetterCo. I fumbled around with it for a few days before I got the hang out if.

BetterCo is pretty freaking genius. It’s become a way for me to connect not just to people in the same position or industry as me but a way to get (and give) a different perspective for all different jobs and levels. This San Francisco company developed an app with the goal of bringing a collective of people together; a group of people who wake up every day wanting to be happier in their work days and ultimately more successful in their careers. And it’s all completely anonymous. Other than your job title you have total anonymity. It’s become a therapeutic experience. There’s been so much positivity and constructive dialogue in my network it’s really helped me keep my head on straight.

“We believe the internet needs a different type of community from what exists already. One that is safe, supportive and ultimately positive and constructive. We want to facilitate more honest and real conversations online.” Founder Tom Willaims has certainly been able to accomplish this in BetterCo’s first year of existence (their birthday will be on June 25th).

Here’s how it works: Post a question or experience or situation. Then wait for the answers from people in your network. I have 9,115 in mine. Below is what my responses looked like when I posted about being laid-off, feeling angry and sad. ::I’m the Bear Editor::


See! How awesome is that? I immediately felt better and inspired. And I received numerous messages like this. Some people even shared their own stories about the same experience. It really gave me a shot in the arm and comforted me about the future.

I’ve even been able to dispense a little advice myself and feel useful in my time of woe. I’ve also realized…I actually know some things after 7 plus years of editing and freelance work. Who’da thunk it?! ::I’m the Bunny Editor this time::


I know the founders wanted this to be 100% positive, which is noble, but the world isn’t always like that. You can totally get on Better Company and say, “Man, my boss is being a real wang today.” I’ve seen it a bunch of times, but then it’s met with responses of commonality or even of encouragement. “I hear ya bro. My team leader has been pretty cranky today too. But hey tomorrow’s is a new day and fresh start.” BetterCo makes you feel not so alone.


The world can be a crappy place. And strangely enough, people are waaaay more understanding and decent than we may give them credit for. Using this app has made me see just how true this is.

Better Co is available on both Apple and Android.

PS. Better Co. is hiring. So if any of you are Software Engineers looking for a job or looking something new I’m sure they’d be rad to work for.



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Sheilah Villari - Dollar Bin Darling

Sheilah Villari - Dollar Bin Darling

Southern hospitality mixed with Northern sensibility. This native Charlestonian is one quirky hobby away from becoming a Wes Anderson character. Fluent in Jack Russell and Sportsball. She can be found perusing your local comic/coffee shops. She is the Managing Editor of BAS-NYC.

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  1. tomwilliams
    May 26, 2016 at 1:19 pm — Reply

    Hi, it’s Tom, BetterCompany’s Founder. I wanted to personally thank you for writing this post. It’s incredibly affirming to all of us that you would be able to understand and connect with the values and aspirations for the community that we work so hard to support and uphold. On a personal level, this article comes at the perfect time for me to really reaffirm that the “blood, sweat and tears” that we have put into this journey are appreciated and most importantly, that we’re helping people.

    One note, if you did try and say “my boss is a wang” our moderators should be hiding that from the community because it’s unlikely to lead to a constructive conversation. That said, as you’ve pointed out, there are lots of posts that start off as venting that get responses that lead to great conversations.

    The app is really just a means by which to connect people together and we sincerely appreciate you being part of the community.

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