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10 Subreddits That Will Make Your Day Better

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Hard to believe just 11 years ago Reddit was a lowly startup.“The front page of the internet,” is now worth $500 million and has investors like Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto. Reddit is one of those sites that operation on the slippery internet slope. When it’s good, it’s engaging and fun and insightful. But when it’s bad….oh boy it can be rough, particularly with comments being so negative and down right hateful. But if you navigate the waters correctly you’ll find some amazing content. Here are a few of our faves to get you started.

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Yes. It’s exactly like it sounds. Wanna see a trash panda steal a beer? Need to watch these little bandits pet a dog? I could spend days watching these scamps scurrying around backyards, eating donuts or chasing children. It’s so fulfilling.

If you’re failing today, don’t feel bad there are robots out there doing waaaay worse than you. Incompetence doesn’t even scratch the surface. Like the Roomba that smears dog poo into the carpet or the creepy pole dancing robots. So many unnerving options.

We all have them, no need to be ashamed. But now there’s a place where you can share yours and read a boatload of others. My personal favorite submitted by Clarence_Clemintine“Rainbows are solar powered.”

The subreddit of Nick Swardson’s fantasies, it’s a catalog of ‘Stony MacGyvers’. Some guy documented turning an 80-year-old whiskey bottle into a bong, seriously. I’ll level with you…a lot of this is turning things into bongs. I’m not a weed smoker, so I’m intrigued by the sheer will and ingenuity.

Anchors laughing or losing it on air is always amazing. r/Newsbloopers has that and more. Look for “I Dropped My Hot Pocket” and “Anchor Laughs at Wolf Mask.” ::insert crying/laughing emoji::

Need to take a time out from all the negativity in the World…look no further than r/UpliftingNews. There are amazing stories every day. Get involved on this one and share your positive local/national/global stories. Ohhh…actually you should check out KindaKind too for all that!

Feeling generous? RAOP is pretty amazing. It’s a sub-community that allows you to send or receive a pizza in a time of need or it could be for a completely random reason. Whatever the circumstance RAOP seeks to make the world a better place one pie at a time. If you’d like to be a part of it, sign up here.

This is a strangely satisfying subreddit. Ever wonder how superacid destroys a pear or what happens when you mix coke cola and chlorine? There are millions fascinating gifs. Chemical Reactions can turn into a real rabbit hole though maybe limit yourself to only a few hours a day.


As the world is now in the full grip of Pokemon Go how about we delve into the equally messed up society of Pokemon Conspiracies. Some of this requires deep knowledge of the Poke-universe but some are simple theories like ‘Can a person be trapped in a Pokeball?’ They totally encourage you to share your crackpot ideas here, strangely good discussion if you have the imagination and time.


Want to know how to make French Toast in a mug? Looking for healthy snacks to bring to the office? Foodhacks has pages and pages of tips, tutorials, and suggestions to bring new life to your culinary skills and your pallet. This on subreddit is really just a helpful one. Not overly interesting just little tips for life stuff.


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