How to Safely and Effectively Report Domestic Abuse

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I recently saw a friend ask Facebook how he could report domestic abuse if he’s a person who does not feel safe involving the police i.e. someone from a marginalized community.

The holidays are a time when we reconnect with loved one’s and get a glimpse into what or who, they’ve been doing for the past year. It is often easier to see troubling behavioral patterns in romantic partnerships before either of the parties involved do. This is because of the amount of emotional and financial investment they’ve already made. Remember, not all abuse is physical and not all victims are disabled or elderlyIn no way do these factors discredit you from receiving the help you need.

You might have a good idea abuse is occurring from what you see or hear but have no clue how to intervene. Worse, you probably dread the idea of getting an innocent person in trouble. Often these situations become so overwhelming and confusing that people retreat or get tired of urging the victim to flee. That’s why involving professionals who know what to expect and how to start the exhausting process of deprogramming is so pivotal. It’s all about finding the right services for the right people and realizing that yes, you can help or get help. And no, it doesn’t have to be this terrifying.

Below, I’ve included resources for both San Francisco and New York City. Every state has these programs and free services. A simple, quick google search with your state name and “antiviolence” or “adult protective services” should be enough to find their number’s.

Adult Protective services NYC

Adult Protective service San Francisco

Antiviolence center NYC

Antiviolence center San Francisco

There are also woman’s programs and shelters but I included Antiviolence because it’s LGBQT friendly and spans the gamut all the way into and across Queer identifying communities. Now go enjoy your holidays, stay safe and for the love of Stuart, get the help you need. You deserve it!

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