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Fun, artsy, surfy, SF band Sonny & the Sunsets are launching on a new label and giving away art to IndieGoGo supporters…check em out….

Via – The Brand New, Rocks in Your Head Records

Sonny Smith, of Sonny & the Sunsets, just started a new San Francisco label, Rocks In Your Head Records.  The first album, Hairdressers From Heaven, off the new label is produced by James Mercer and Yuuki Matthews of the Shins. It will be available for pre-order on Bandcamp and will be released on April 1st.  The label will also be releasing an ALL San Francisco comp record this year…The San Francisco music scene is not dead.

Sonny started an Indie Go Go campaign to help raise money and kickstart the label in exchange for a bevy of rewards – from zines and records to original art – he is even offering an indecent proposal…

We sent Sonny some questions about the new label and their music, here’s what he wrote back…

BAS: Y’all seem like you’re very San Franciscan, how long have you been in the city?
Sonny: We were born here. So, all our life.

Rocks in your head records, is that a music pun or do you have a serious medical condition that we should not joke about?
We named it after a record store in New York I liked a lot.

Why you starting a label?
To put art into the world

what’s it like hanging out with the shins? Melancholy?
It was marvelous

Who are the ‘sunsets’ in Sonny and the Sunsets?
A revolving cast of musicians including friends from spain, australia, san francisco, los angeles and now New Mexico.

your new album is called ‘Hairdressers From Heaven’…does that mean y’all have amazing haircuts? If so, can you send us pictures?
It was made in honor of hairdressers everywhere and how they save people.

What does it take to sign with Rocks n Your Head Records?
To have music that we feel is special.

Rocks In Your Head Records

You gotta have a music festival to celebrate the label right? What do those plans look like?
August hopefully, somewhere in the city…

Check out their Indie GoGo here.

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