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25 Mar 2019

100,000 Homes Sit Empty in the San Francisco Bay Area

It’s no surprise that real estate in San Francisco is expensive. Year after year, the city lands near the top of lists that calculate the nation’s priciest cities to rent. As of the summer of 2018, the average price of a rental in the City by the Bay was upwards

25 Mar 2019

San Francisco is a Tale of Three Cities

This originally appeared in my Broke-Ass City column in the San Francisco Examiner. “After the past few nights, I’ve realized San Francisco is a tale of three cities,” I say to the little group of people I’m smoking and drinking with. We’re sitting on cushions in somebody’s “zen room” at

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22 Mar 2019

Divas, The Bay Area’s Only Transgender Bar, is Closing

On Wednesday the Bay Area Reporter broke the news that Divas, the Bay Area’s only Transgender bar, is closing on March 30th. This is especially sad news for the Trans community because it was one of only three bars in the United States that had a specially Transgender clientele, and

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21 Mar 2019

Over 100 Drag Kings & Queens To Perform in Oakland

Via – Mama Celeste (aka Grey Tartaglione) The Bay Area Drag Festival is Coming Back to Oakland From Friday April 26th to Sunday April 28th, over one hundred drag kings, queens, and queer performers from the Bay Area and beyond will come together for the second annual Oaklash Drag Festival. Organized by

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21 Mar 2019

Bay Area Senior Citizens Find The Cannabis Scene is Lit

Bay Area seniors are discovering you can 420 well into your 70s, 80s, or longer. Senior citizens are the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users in the U.S., and the 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 18% of people 55 and older are now marijuana users. (That’s

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21 Mar 2019

Bernie’s Coming Back to San Francisco!

America’s favorite curmudgeon is coming back to San Francisco on March 24th.  I got to see Sanders speak a couple times at rallies in 2015/16, and I have to say, he was a genuine inspiration.  The platforms that newer, fresher-faced Democratic candidates stand on today, including Medicare for All, free

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19 Mar 2019

How to Make Friends in San Francisco

Are you new to the city?  Maybe you’re a software engineer who’s a bit socially awkward?  Maybe you’ve made enough Fortnite friends this year, and it’s just time you met some real-life people? Anyway, whatever it is, don’t worry.  We have some foolproof ways to make friends in San Francisco.

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