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Booze + Robots = BarBot 2010 = Awesomeness

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Booze serving robots = awesome future world order!

Tomorrow night at the DNA Lounge in SF will be night number one of the 3rd Annual Cocktail Robot Festivial, aka BarBot 2010.  Brought to you by the evil geniuses (or is that geni?) responsible for the RoboGames, the festival combines two of every geek-hipster’s favorite things: booze and robots.

Say they:

“In a world where robots and humans struggle together in the fight against boredom. . .

Only one event ends up with the robots dancing 'œThe Human' while the meat puppets (you) end up singing the praises of RoboBartenders.

This February, come hang out with some alternate life-forms at BarBot 2010 – the third annual festival of Cocktail Robotics!

BarBot is a celebration of cocktail culture and man-machine interface. Get a drink from an actual robot. Chat up a snarky electronic bartender. Listen to some graceful tunes being played by robotic music makers. And, after downing your sixth martini, you can finally admit that it’s the geeks who shall inherit the earth.

These robots don’t clean the carpets. What they will do is much, much better. They make you a drink! Let your roommate do the vacuuming. These bots have got better programming on their mind.”

The event is sure to be a drunky-geeky-good-time-hilarious picture fest (and I, for one, will be there with martini and camera in hand to document it all!)

You can purchase tix online in advance for $10 and at the door for $15.  The festival runs Wednesday and Thursday evening from 9pm to 2am.  Attendees must be 21+ – duh!  And, here comes the official info:

BarBot 2010
DNA Lounge -375 Eleventh Street
Wed/Thur Feb 17-18, 2010 – 9pm-2am
21+ with photo ID $10 advance / $15 at door
Clicky Here to Buy Tix in Advance!

My question is: who judges this competition and where can I sign up for that job?

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