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Suds and Summer Camp Fun at Tee Off Bar and Grill

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I’m only good at two “sports” disc golf and ping pong.  I’ve covered disc golf in an earlier post, but haven’t had a chance to play some good old ping pong in a while.  A good friend took it upon himself to track down a bar in the city that would fix our ping pong plight.   When you think about a good game of actual ping pong takes up a ton of space and thus most bars would rather throw in a pool table or more tables and chairs than lay out thirty square feet so two dudes can take a game of table tennis too seriously.  Lucky for us there is a killer bar in the Outer Richmond where you can enjoy a great beer and play a mans game of ping pong.  Yes at Tee Off the cups full of beer stay off the ping pong table so us table tennis aficionados can get down to brass tacks.

One might think that since this is one of the few bars in the city where two grown men can hit a tiny plastic ball back and forth that the place would be known for its ping pong presence.  Well if you thought you’d be wrong, since Tee Off was actually featured on Guy Fieri’s Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dives and that show somehow spent its whole time highlighting the food and didn’t even once mention the ping pong.

So don’t be afraid of the outer richmond, it’s actually quite nice. We have cool places out here and the Tee Off certainly rates among the most unique.

Tee Off Bar and Grill
3129 Clement St. (between 32nd and 33rd)
San Francisco, CA
[Outer Richmond]

Photo Credit: Yelper Mike W.

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