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JapaCurry’s Pork Katsu

Curry. It’s a topic that makes people either cringe or drool. For middle America Americans that like baren shopping malls and cookie cutter existences, that have traveled anywhere to Southeast Asia, or the subcontinent portion, generally come home baning its existence. I actually know people like that. On the otherhand, there are those few Rollins’ loving, punk-spirit induced, getting their minds blown by the beauty that is traveling the world, that come home and when they smell curry think of their most beautiful experiences of humping ladies of the night inside of a mosquitoe net ladden palm fringe cushioned mattress.

I love curry.

Which is why I hauled arse to the Japacurry truck when I spotted that it had no line. Some of the brick and mortars that sell their version of this fried treat called Katsu Curry, really drop the ball. They serve up a rubbery piece of paillard pork, coated in boxed breadcrumbs, and served with overcooked rice and a watery 1950s version of Kikkoman packaged powdered curry sauce mix. That’s not how Japacurry rolls.

By far, the best Katsu curry I’ve ever put into my gob, I’ve been spotted at the Japacurry truck’s Pine and Sansome Sts. two consecutive days in a row, on several occasions. What you get for six bucks is this incredibly delectable, succulent, crunchy panko breaded pork cutlet that oozes juice when you lightly give it a squeeze. Along side of a mountain of rice, the most amazing scratch curry sauce with an abyss depth of flavor, a sneaky suspicious spicyness, and some DayGlo pickled radish that lends the acidicty bomb your mouth needs by this time. Amazing. So simple and yet so delicious. Your mouth will be watering from 50 types of sensations: porky, fried, fatty, salty, spicy and porky again.

For Japacurry’s schedule, you can visit them at:

Or, on Mondays and Fridays at their lunchtime Pine and Sansome Sts. location, from 11:30am to 1:45pm in [The FiDi].

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