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Where else can you watch your favorite band perform while reveling in Ramenburgers and sipping a Hong Kong-Style Boba Milk Tea? This year’s culinary offerings have been specially curated to amplify your Outside Lands experience, indulging festival-goers in a feast for all the senses. Enjoy an exclusive taste of the Bay Area’s best restaurants and food vendors without ever leaving Golden Gate Park! And since festival food is no longer just hot dogs and pretzels, this list should be a nice little combination of posh restaurant partners and the type of shit you expect at a festival. Like, a hot dog or a pretzel.

Photo by: SF Gate

F.O.B KITCHEN | Filipino food made by first generation Filipino-Americans.

FOB Kitchen started out of the gate with a strong presence. Having done several pop-ups around the city, including the now defunct and beloved Doctor’s Lounge. FOB Kitchen states that they “believe in the flavors that we grew up with, and want to put Filipino food on the map.” Hopefully, we can count on them having some of their Lechon Kawali: Deep-fried pork belly, pickled onions, soy-vinegar sauce with a side of Pork Adobo Fried Rice. Or, the thinly sliced top sirloin with the porn-ish egg yolk, we’re all in! They now exclusively operate inside of the Gashead Tavern. Yes, there will probably be lumpia.

WOODHOUSE FISH CO. | Casual American Seafood Restaurant. All the fruit de mer your heart desires.

Local seafood darling Woodhouse Fish Company will be serving up under the name, Outside Clams. They have two San Francisco restaurants and both are owned by brothers Dylan and Rowan MacNiven and serve fresh, affordable seafood in a casual atmosphere. The shit is so good. Outside Clams takes all the flavors of the sea and serves them up in portable packages, perfect for eating stage-side or in a grassy spot in the shade. From lobster rolls to raw and BBQ oysters to clam chowder bread bowls, Outside Clams will ensure your hunger for the bounty of the sea is satisfied in spades. And because it’s Woodhouse Fish Co., you know you’re getting the freshest and most lovingly prepared seafood the City has to offer.


FEAST IN THE TREES WITH ROY CHOI | Four-course family style dinner highlighting Choi’s hailed cuisine, as influenced by his Korean and Californian roots.

We can’t afford this one. And even if we could, it’s sold out. But, still noteworthy so you can plan accordingly next year. Outside Lands newest culinary delight nestled in the forest, taking place for one night only. Peter Eastlake, Curator of Wine Lands and a Food & Wine Sommelier of the Year (2013), will create wine pairings, and concoctions from Cocktail Magic will also debut throughout the dinner. It’s basically some fancy ass shit.


KABOB TROLLEY | Middle Eastern and American traditions smushed together creating delicious sandwiches.

Eat your leafy greens while you’re at the festival. Let’s hope the leafy greens are sitting on a bed of lamb gryo meat that’s covering a bed of french fries. Kabob Trolley gives you several options on the carb delivery system: traditional gyro in a pita, gyro Philly cheesesteak on a roll and gyro fries. All in all, they’re focusing on quick, hearty, and quality Gyro & Cheesesteaks prepared from the finest gluten-free ingredients and Halal kaböb meat. This will be Kabob Trolley’s first year at OSL.


AZALINA’S MALAYSIAN | Heavily aromatic soul food adopting the flavors and ingredients from the regions of China, India, and Polynesia/Malay.

Malaysian food is relatively under the radar to most of us. Hell, I just barely ate Burmese food for the first time and its braised pork and pumpkin was not unlike the rustic pork and pumpkin stew of Puerto Rico. I instantly fell in love with it. Azalina is rumored to have a pumpkin and tofu curry that is not only vegan, but straight fire! Azalina Eusope, a fifth-generation street food vendor, moved to San Francisco a decade ago. The only thing that could comfort her in the early days settling in and learning English was the food she grew up eating. Bon Appetit magazine named Eusope one of “10 Top Upcoming Chefs” for 2010. There were chicken curry and peanut tofu nachos at BottleRock. This will be Azalina’s seventh year at OSL.


PICA PICA AREPA KITCHEN | Hand-made, slow-cooked Arepas and other Venezuelan eats.

Adriana López Vermut – and her father Leopoldo López Gil, a founding member of Venezuela’s Slow Food movement – create traditional meat and vegan arepas. They also have mixed platters, salads and sides that are infused with traditional Venezuelan flavors and ingredients that revolve around the complexities of the spicy, yet sweet and sour flavor dimension derived from yucca roots, plantains, corn and taro. As seen on the Food Network’s Diners Drive-ins and Dives. You know how much we love our Guy Fieri here at BAS. Their entire menu and kitchen is naturally 100% gluten free, not that you have a legit gluten allergy anyway.  This will be Pica Pica’s tenth year at OSL.


Photo by: KQED

ENDLESS SUMMER SWEETS | All the things that are delicious and evil about carnie food. Fried, fried and more fried.

Although I have never eaten a funnel cake, if the name of this company is anything to go by, my diet is basically one long endless summer. I hate you, salad. Specializing in nostalgic treats like funnel cakes, freshly popped kettle corn, caramel apples, cotton candy and hand-dipped corn dogs. Antoinette Sanchez and her husband Carlos have been serving up piping hot fried dough to the Bay Area since they hit the county fair and catering circuit in 2009. This will probably have the longest line. So, if you can’t wait in the line, don’t worry. In 2016 they opened a location in Berkeley. This will be Endless Summer Sweets’ sixth year at OSL.

Honorable Mentions: Tartine Manufactory and Boba Guys will be at OSL for their first year.


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