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Why Candy Crush is Ruining Your Life

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So you just bought your new tablet/smartphone and you’re looking for some games to fill up that spare time you have. A friend sent you a request for candy crush, and a bunch of your friends have sent you an invite, so it seems like a good idea to download it…it’s free, right? False! Candy crush is a lie! It’s promising dreams, yet not fulfilling them. It’s bastardized to the point of no return; and you’re just playing victim in its wake.

For those of you who know this app well, you know that nobody cares about your requests for friends to join. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault that you got trapped in another addicting game’s shockwave. For those of you who don’t know about this game, allow me to explain. Candy Crush is a simple puzzle game that has been redone time and time again; Columns for the SEGA Genesis, Doctor Mario for the NES, bejeweled for PC, just to name a few. The fact that you have to pay to unlock new missions, is complete bullshit, but it is worsened by the fact that there isn’t messaging in the program. Anyone trying to move on will be forever stuck begging friends for help; friends who themselves are too busy being stuck on later levels to help  out.

So what do I suggest you do instead of wasting time here? Here are four suggestions for great games that are actually FREE.

Tetris– Another puzzle game, but this one has been around since the olden days, when people played their video games with joysticks (savages!). This game has done nothing but improve with age. Although Tetris Blitz, another game that came out from EA, is still a rough around the edges, EA had worked long and hard for years to make a decent version of Tetris for phones. They’ve been doing this whole gaming thing for awhile now, so they know what they’re doing with the new free version of Tetris.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 – This game is good of fun and is probably the most fun you will have with any app. Well done Adult Swim.

Subway Surfers – This game is fun to play and endlessly wastes your time. What else you gonna do while riding the bus?

Angry Birds – Because it’s awesome and FREE and they are angry birds who kill piggies!

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Kyle Polo - Penniless Freak Gamer

Kyle Polo - Penniless Freak Gamer

Broke nerd with no money for video games seeks refuge at parent's house post college, and with the Android Play Store having so many free games, at least he has something to keep him sane.

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