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Marshmello: Perfect Show For Today’s ADD Millennials

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Sometimes it’s hard for me to admit that I am only “broke & beautiful.” However, after attending Marshmello’s sold out show at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium it is clear I can’t wear a thong to a show and I still believe drugs and live music aren’t for me. When I was young … wearing my baggie Silvertab Levis 3 inches below my boxers was cool. (My dad complained about it all the time!) However, tonight if I just wore my boxers to the show, I would have been one of the cool kids.

The theme of the show was bucket heads … I mean Marshmello heads, thongs, and butt cheeks. The DJ set was 110% over the top simulation. A perfect show for our ADD millennial generation. Curious if you, like me are too old for a Marshmello show? Take this quick test to determine, if less than 6 apply, stay at home.

❏ Fails to give close attention to details
❏ Has difficulty sustaining attention
❏ Reluctant to engage in tasks that require sustained mental effort
❏ Often loses necessary things
❏ Easily distracted by extraneous stimuli
❏ Fidgets with hands or feet
❏ Runs about or climbs excessively
❏ Has difficulty engaging in leisure activities quietly
❏ Talks excessively
❏ Impulsivity

If you answered yes to at least 6 of these options, you should go to a Marshmello show. You won’t be bored, there is plenty of stimuli to help sustain your attention … and you’ll never be asked to notice any small details. There are large projection screens, propane fire, sparklers, streamers, confetti, steam cannons, and shiny things all over the stage to stimulate you. Like to fidget your hands? Place some lights on your fingertips, many of the overly friendly and smiling fans are going to love you. Like to talk during shows? Do you feel the need to yell? No problem there is no need for you to be quiet, I wore earplugs and the music was still too loud. Speaking of music, you’ll love it. It doesn’t require any sustained mental effort, as soon as you recognize a track he’ll switch to the next song. Nothing is slow and leisurely, the night is filled with remixes of pop music. Feeling impulsive? Don’t stress most of the fans are … there are plenty of trash cans in case you get too crossfaded and need to puke before the show even starts.

Finally … what to wear? Obviously not pants or a long dress. Do you have any jean shorts that you can cut even shorter? PERFECT! Also applicable would be just your underwear. Some accessories might include a CamelBak filled with water, pacifier, rave mask and beads. In rock & roll culture it’s not cool to wear the band’s shirt to the show. However, in EDM, heavy fandom is encouraged. If you don’t already have a Marshmello head, this video will teach you how to make one. Don’t worry there aren’t any words and you might like the loud electronic music playing in the background.

But if you’re ADD and you’re one of the fans that’s supposed to see Marshmello live, I know you didn’t read any of this blog post. So for those of you that read the title and the last sentence, here are the pictures you are looking for:


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Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

I am the co-founder of Balanced Breakfast, a meetup for music industry professionals. No, I do not sing or play any instruments ... but I have tried! My passion for music began at 7 when my parents bought me a drum set. I was BAD at drums. So I moved on, joined the school band, and played clarinet. I was BAD at the clarinet. Trying and failing at instruments continued through elementary school and into college. It turns out that while I could recognize good music; I lacked the skill to make it.

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