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Exploring the Innovative & Intriguing Oakland Coffee Scene

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The Oakland Coffee scene is booming these days, there over 2,300 coffee shops and over coffee 17 roasters in the city now, and the scene is super diverse and interesting too.  So much so that VisitOakland started interviewing the city’s coffee roasters and baristas to shed light on all the new coffee culture brewing across Oakland, just in time for National Coffee Day on Saturday, September 29th.

This video should come with a warning label, ‘visiting the Oakland Coffee Rush website will make you want to drink coffee REALLY BADLY’.  Here’s just one of the interviews with an Oakland Coffee shop doing cool, innovative new things around coffee, brewing, and community engagement, including giving away FREE coffee every Friday!

The roasting company Oakland Coffee, founded by the members of Green Day, specialize in organic, sustainably-grown, fairly traded coffee served in 100% BPI Certified Compostable pods and packaging.

Then there’s Red Bay Coffee’s converted shipping container for a different type of drinking environment, or  Café Santana Roasting Company while that always has local art on display.  Oakland’s roasters also offer delicious bites like vegan baked goods from Timeless Coffee to classic pastries from Highwire Coffee Roasters.

For adventurous coffee drinkers, Slojoy Coffee Roasters offers a Mint Julep drink containing espresso, simple syrup and fresh mint, shaken and poured over ice and topped with sparkling water. Café Santana Roasting Company, a Latino owned and themed café, offers a Horchata Latte, Mexican Mocha, homemade Lavender Latte as well as a secret menu.

Whether it’s sourcing the finest beans from sustainable farms around the world, employing top roasting practices with science, skill and innate talent, or training top-notch baristas to artfully pour the perfect cup, the specialty coffee professionals revolutionizing Oakland’s coffee scene take pride in their trade. Beyond stellar service and amazing coffee, they’re also dedicated to creating community with warm, welcoming spaces that reflect Oakland’s diverse, adventurous flavor.

For more info, interviews and where to find these great coffee spots visit the Oakland Coffee Rush website!

Visit the Oakland Coffee Rush

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