Chase Center Giant TV To Just Play Laker Games Now 

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On Wednesday night as the Golden State Warriors battled to see who would remain in dead last in the NBA, Chase Center thought it might lift people’s spirits if they just played the Lakers broadcast on the stadium’s giant television.

“It’s all about choice,” said the Warriors representative, “if you paid for season tickets and you’re tired of watching the warriors 2nd string players lose to the Knicks, you can simply look up and watch a real game too.”

He continued, “On the stadium’s outdoor screen we’re probably just going to play Steph Curry Highlights from 2015.  That or maybe show some Clipper games.”  Said the Warrior’s Stadium Representative.

The Warriors have now lost 16 of their last 19 games, and have the worst record in the entire NBA.  To put this in perspective, for the last 5 seasons, the Warriors have finished with the best record in the NBA 4 out of 5 times and won 3 NBA championships.  Now, with Steph Curry and Clay Thompson hurt, Kevin Durrant gone and Iguodala traded away,  this year will probably be known as the ‘forgotten season’, it’s like one long practice session, just preparing for next year.

* This article is satire.  If they actually played a Lacker game in a stadium in SF, there would be boos for 5 minutes, and then probably some kind of riot would break out.  Here’s to 2020, hang in there Warriors.

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