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Friends Distribute 50 Care Packages to Homeless People Over the Holidays

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The team preparing the care packages

Guest post by Moua Lo

On December 29th, 2019, Levi Beckett initiated Project You Matter, a GoFundMe project to spread some kindness and holiday cheer in the Bay Area.

With $900 raised from family, friends, and donors on GoFundMe, Levi recruited a team of friends to help assemble homemade pot roast meals, fleece blankets, water, Hershey Bars, and personal handwritten notes of words of encouragement to 50 random homeless people.

Handwritten notes, letting people know that they mattered, were included in the care packages.

Working in pairs, the group visited various areas throughout Concord to not only deliver the care packages but have meaningful conversations with each person they met.  Levi Beckett recalls the story of the first man he was privileged to meet:

“He was such a gentle and kind soul who was beyond grateful for what we gave him. He has 4 kids and is from Denver where he did electric work. He moved to California because his 14-year-old daughter has health issues with her brain and wants to get her special treatment that’s available in the Bay Area. He is Italian and speaks English, Italian, and Romanian. He even told me how he used to love to do judo. All he wants is a job to provide for his family and currently spends his days between looking for work and asking for money to help his family and sick daughter. Along with him I also had the privilege of meeting two David’s, Steve, Mattie, and Matthew, who were also so grateful for what we gave to them.”

About Project You Matter:

Project You Matter hopes to inspire a movement of showing people from all walks of life that they are loved, cared for, and really do matter. Their plan is to hold events regularly for many different groups such as children, animals, immigrants, and everyday people in unique and very personal ways.

They are raising money to continue these spontaneous acts of kindness and are working towards becoming a full time operating non-profit organization. Levi Beckett created a GoFundMe page and has raised nearly $900 (including cash and checks received) just for their first project alone. To stay informed or volunteer for upcoming projects for Project You Matter, please join the Facebook Group or visit their GoFundMe page to support upcoming projects.

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