05 Mar 2020

SF Sells Heart for record $3 Million, To Fund Public Health Programs

The heart sculptures you’ve seen around town, at Union Square, South of Market, or along Market St, are not just public art pieces, each heart represents thousands, if not millions of dollars raised to support health programs in San Francisco. Everyday on the streets of SF we are reminded that

21 Jan 2020

The Moms 4 Housing Victory Shows How Communities Can Fight Back — And Win

The news broke Monday morning four mothers who occupied a vacant West Oakland house scored a huge victory in the ultimate fight between greed and good. The grassroots activist group Moms 4 Housing won an agreement from house-flipping developer Wedgewood Properties, and the house they’ve been occupying for two months

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17 Jan 2020

California’s $220 Billion Budget is Doing What Trump Refuses to Do

As recently as 2009, California was virtually broke. Facing a $24 billion deficit on a budget of approximately $100 million, the state furloughed employees, paid I.O.U.’s instead of tax refunds, and used every type of financial chicanery to move stuff around. At one point, the deficit was feared to be

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06 Jan 2020

Friends Distribute 50 Care Packages to Homeless People Over the Holidays

Guest post by Moua Lo On December 29th, 2019, Levi Beckett initiated Project You Matter, a GoFundMe project to spread some kindness and holiday cheer in the Bay Area. With $900 raised from family, friends, and donors on GoFundMe, Levi recruited a team of friends to help assemble homemade pot

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30 Dec 2019

The New York Times Is Trolling SF and California Again and it’s Garbage

The New York Times positively lives to troll San Francisco. Sometimes, it’s a prurient examination of the lives of people who rummage through trash for a living, as if that yields valuable insights about us. Other times, it’s about how dirty streets are apparently unique to this city. Still other times,

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21 Oct 2019

You Can’t Have Social Justice Without Economic Justice

This originally appeared in my Broke-Ass City column for the San Francisco Examiner  I know the November 2018 election is a long time ago already, but I can’t stop thinking about Proposition C. I can’t stop thinking about how multi millionaires and billionaires, who tout themselves as liberals, tried so

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19 Jun 2019

This San Francisco Man is Renting Out His Tent to Tourists

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: a new episode of my new comedy web series Shaky Ground! You can watch this new episode by clicking right here. Make sure to subscribe to the channel! In this sketch you’ll meet Stuart, a guy who is trying to make extra money by renting out the

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