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How We Can Save Local Businesses in the Bay During this Epidemic

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A collective of small and medium sized business owners, along with performers, artists, service workers, journalists and event marketers have banded together and started a petition to ask local government to take action in order to save hundreds of local businesses during this pandemic.  If we want our cities to have healthy economies once this business is allowed to resume, we need to act now.

They have already collected well over 6000 and we would greatly appreciate your support as well.  We need to get City Hall’s attention.

Check out the Change.Org Petition

Here is the petition’s wording:

Via – Prem Kumta

Immediate Aid Package for San Francisco SMBs
(Small and Medium Sized Businesses)

The immediate impact to San Francisco Small and Medium businesses is dire as many companies have already begun laying off their workforces due to the necessary closures to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Surviving the virus and trying to minimize the impact to our local health infrastructure is only the first step.

Mayor London Breed and the San Francisco supervisors must come together with a plan for immediate 0% interest loans up to $100,000 for SF based SMBs to allow companies to continue paying their employees and bills. 

New York City by example is offering $75,000 to their local businesses with under 100 employees. San Francisco’s current plan to delay of payroll and city tax and $10,000 each for 100 businesses is not enough.

We are a broad coalition of San Francisco based Small and Medium sized businesses from live events, bars / restaurants, technology, cannabis, fitness, beauty, advertising, gaming, and more.

Respectfully submitted,

Prem Kumta (Flavor Group / Up All Night)
Chris Smith, Tad Cortell, Manny Alferez, Micah Byrnes (Monarch, Great Northern, Pawn Shop)
Pete Glikstern, Jordan Langer, Jefferson Whitmore (Public Works, Midway, Jones)
Vijay and Archana Chattha (VSC Consulting)
Ben Sutherland, Zach Present (Present Creative)
Desi Danganan (UNDSCVRD, Plinth Agency)
Gina Milano (Halcyon SF)
Ken Minn (KENU)
Mike Gaines (Vau de Vire Society)
Nihal Mehta (Eniac Ventures)
Dzu Nguyen GM (Horsefeather, Last Rites)
Ketan Anjaria (HireClub)
Vincent Archuleta, Chris Ellis (SF Station)
Moe Arche (United States Bartenders’ Guild)
Lilu Odedra, Neil Chaudhari (Propane Studio)
Manav Monga (Heymarket)
Anthony Black, Nate Mezmer, Michael Fitzgerald (Eye Heart SF)
Carey Kopp (15Utah)
Christian Routzen (San Franpsycho)
Andrew Kelsey (Liason Artists)

– please email prem @ if you are an SF based SMB that would like to be added to the list of co-sponsors.

NYC offers loans to Small Businesses

SF seeks to help renters, workers, small businesses

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