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10 Nov 2010

FREE Ice Skating at the Embarcadero Center for Giants Fans

Looking to impress your significant other with a chickflick-style date night this week? Well, you’re in luck, because the yearly holiday Embarcadero Ice Rink opens today in Justin Herman Plaza and while regular admission tickets are usually $9, this Friday is Giants Night – which means anyone in Giants gear

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04 Nov 2010

Last Chance to Get FREE Tickets to See Rogue Wave Tonight

Rogue Wave loves you, that’s obvious because tonight’s show at Great American Music Hall is the second FREE show they’ve played in the Bay Area in the past 3 months. There’s a slight catch to this one though – you’ll have to drop by Philz Coffee on 24th St in

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28 Oct 2010

Join a FREE Citywide Game of Tag with Journey to the End of the Night

Usually when I’m on a “journey to the end of the night” it means I’m trying not to fall asleep on the bar after someone thought another round of Fernet shots would be a good idea. But this Saturday’s Halloween edition of Journey to the End of the Night is

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27 Oct 2010

Hear Some Terrifying Stories at Muni Diaires Live This Friday

It’s the week before Halloween, which means things just start to seem a little spookier than usual around San Francisco, and there’s nothing more terrifying in Fog Town’s collective subconscious than our city’s evil transit agency. That means it’s perfect timing for Muni Diaries to throw another Muni Diaries Live!

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20 Oct 2010

Relive Your Youth With Street Games at Come Out & Play Festival All Weekend Long

If you were ever a precocious 8-year-old (or 10-year-old, or 12, or 26) who got bored with normal sports and started making up your own after about 20 minutes then you’ll certainly find something to keep you entertained in this weekend’s three-day Come Out & Play alternative games festival in

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13 Oct 2010

$1 Tickets to Treasure Island Music Festival This Weekend, Just for Helping Out

If you’re trying to get in to the Treasure Island Festival this weekend and are willing to do some volunteer work in exchange for $1 addmission, then you’re in luck: Some friends of ours at Clean Vibes and dropped us a line to let us know that there are

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11 Oct 2010

Don't Stop Believing, Giants Fans!

In case you’ve been living under a VERY LARGE ROCK, your San Francisco Giants* are currently leading the NLDS against the Atlanta Braves after that torturous series against the Padres to win the NL West. Naturally, the best way to support your team in a postseason like this is to

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