03 Aug 2016

10 Subreddits That Will Make Your Day Better

Hard to believe just 11 years ago Reddit was a lowly startup.“The front page of the internet,” is now worth $500 million and has investors like Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto. Reddit is one of those sites that operation on the slippery internet slope. When it’s good, it’s engaging and fun and

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01 Aug 2016

7 NYC Union Restaurants to Support

Unions are necessary, especially in a place like NYC where we are still debating what a living wage is. It’s hard to imagine that workers at McDonald’s are making about $8.50 an hour. Local 100 is a Union that represents workers in restaurants, bars, delis, airports, and stadiums across New York City, Long

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29 Jul 2016

Befriending a Bartender 101 (There’s Free Drinks!)

Going out is simultaneously the best and worst way to distract yourself from life’s problems. Yes, drinking is fun and awesome, but it can also be stressful and expensive as hell. Sometimes you go out with friends who are complete dicks and you end up pissing off the bartender. Sometimes

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28 Jul 2016

5 Spots to Stretch Beauty Bucks

People always ask me where to get makeup on the cheap or free. Being a Fashion and Beauty writer, it kind of goes with the territory. So, you want some sweet industry secrets? Sephora Beauty Studio Ah, my favorite place in the world for free shit. Thank God for Sephora.

21 Jul 2016

Where to Move if Trump is Elected

When some months ago we started picking places to move to if Donald Trump gets elected it was an innocent joke. But we’ve come a long way since then: to the week of the RNC, where Trump became a GOP candidate. (EDIT: this is far far worse than the week

14 Jul 2016

Jen Clark Wants You to Laugh With Your Lady Parts

Jen Clark is a lady comedian all about queer, feminist, surrealist, experimental art. Who wants people to be able to talk about vaginas, periods, diva cups, butt stuff, consent, queefs, and sex without being ashamed. Jen’s style is all about letting people enjoy and learn by seeing through the lens of

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12 Jul 2016

Hailey Dollar Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth is For Our Veterans

As Hailey Dollar sat on my couch for this interview, two of my small dogs attacking her with attention, she summed herself up in one sentence. “When I am famous one day, I’m going to demand every interview be conducted with a gaggle of small animals.” Hailey’s overwhelming confidence is

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