05 May 2016

Why Beyoncé is Conservatives Biggest Threat

Let’s talk about Beyoncé. People love her; people hate her. There seems to be no in between. She’s either a queen or a demon. She’s too black for some or not black enough for others. I’ve heard people call her a singing stripper, a devil worshiper , a poor role

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04 May 2016

This is Your biological clock….Not Ticking

Tick-tock! Who’s there? It’s your biological clo… It is quite funny that an article on clocks, biological or otherwise, should be written by someone who has never been on time for anything. It’s not that I’ve not completed stuff, it’s just that I have a penchant for not doing them

19 Apr 2016

6 Ways To Make a Breakup More Meaningful

We could all take a cue from Justin Bieber and move on in a whole lot of light in lieu of darkness. So, here’s how to tell your ex ‘Go Love Yourself’: 1. Donate all of his/her favourite clothes to your local charity shop. I did this once, and to this


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14 Apr 2016

The Truth Behind Žiga Virc’s Film Premiering at Tribeca

In 2012, I was staring at my computer contemplating what I’d just watched. The teaser trailer for Houston, We Have a Problem! left me confused: it claimed Yugoslavia sold its space program to the US in March 1961, two months before president Kennedy announced Americans would land on the Moon

08 Apr 2016

How the Panama Papers Happened

Do you have an offshore account? We don’t either. Seems pretty easy, though. There are tutorials on YouTube. It’s also frightfully common: according to the latest leak, the Panama Papers everybody who’s anybody has one. But do you actually need one? Another quick consultation with the internet will tell you

05 Apr 2016

Wanna Test the Vegan Waters? ‘Mama Tried’ was my Gateway

April 5th is Go Vegan for a Day, and this past week I’ve been trying to see if this would be a) hard, b) enjoyable, and c) costly. To my surprise, it was easy, tasty, and cheap. I didn’t go in blind though I had a really wonderful cookbook to

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04 Apr 2016

Eating well on the Cheap

We’ve all said at one point or another, “It’s hard to eat healthy, it costs too much” and the famous “ I have no time”, come on folks these are just excuses. What happens is most people like what they eat even though it may not be healthy. It’s easy