12 Jul 2016

Hailey Dollar Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth is For Our Veterans

As Hailey Dollar sat on my couch for this interview, two of my small dogs attacking her with attention, she summed herself up in one sentence. “When I am famous one day, I’m going to demand every interview be conducted with a gaggle of small animals.” Hailey’s overwhelming confidence is

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23 Jun 2016

Who has the Best Sushi, East Coast or West Coast?

Get ready to rip me a new asshole. Why? Because no matter what I write, this is one of the most controversial subjects on food in America. The thing about sushi, for me, isn’t so much about which is better. It’s about where to get the most delicious types of

22 Jun 2016

Why Teens Love NYC

As teenagers, we love the fact that we are now old enough to do things we weren’t able to do before.  Stuff like coming home later, going places without an adult….especially going into NYC. You can see the excitement on our faces whenever we were planning to go to the

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21 Jun 2016

5 Reasons Flip-Flops are Terrible in NYC

#1. Subway Juice  Everyone knows that you don’t wear flip-flops if you are broke-ass and have to take the train. Why? Subway juice! You never know if that liquid you just stepped in is water leaking, some guy’s pee, some girl’s puke, or some Colt 45 a dude wasted on

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20 Jun 2016

Celebrate the First Day of Summer With These 5 Ice Cream Shops

It’s the first official day of Summer! And nothing tops off the perfect summer day quite like a trip to the ice cream shop. So many cool or sometimes muggy nights have concluded with the sweet confection. Actually…sometimes mornings have started with this too. You know your cold treat obsession has

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18 Jun 2016

How to Enjoy Good Gin on a Broke-Ass Budget

Oh gin. What a beautiful boozy thing you are. Unfortunately, most people fuck their gin cocktails up and never truly understand the taste of the stuff. One of my favorite places in the world is this little gin join in Bath, England. The Canary Gin Bar. Simple name, biggest mother

10 Jun 2016

Right NOW! Carolyn Castiglia is Crushing It

Carolyn Castiglia is hilarious. But beyond that, she is warm, charming and fiercely passionate about her talk show Right NOW! The show will be gracing the stage of Union Hall (702 Union Street, Brooklyn – Park Slope).  You can catch her show next week, June 16th at 8pm. Grab your $10 tickets here. Here’s

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