Comparing Trump’s Tweets with the Words of Abraham Lincoln

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President Donald Trump and President Abraham Lincoln have a lot in common, they are both presidents, Republicans, and they both have lots of famous quotes attributed to them. But it’s safe to say they may be remembered a bit differently. While Lincoln wrote about preserving the Union, fighting and winning the Civil War, and abolishing slavery in America.  President Trump frequently writes about repealing universal healthcare, banning immigration from Muslim countries, and insulting TV personalities.

We put Lincoln quotes in the form tweets so that you could compare the two Presidents most famous words.

We begin with the 45th President of the United States who on June 29th 2017 wrote about cable news hosts Mika Brzezinski & Joe Scarborough, after he heard they had criticized his hand size and sanity on the tv news program ‘Morning Joe‘.

Lincoln had a slightly different style, and also tended to address different subject matter:

Trump takes a slightly different tone when when addressing the public:

Both Presidents had different views when speaking about crime and punishment:


On America, and adversity:

Political and humanitarian perspectives:


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