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5 Worst Times Donald Trump Embarrassed New Yorkers

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By Jonas Barnes

In NYC, the people are known as hard asses that have no time for your bullshit. Whether it be someone asking for change, guys performing “Showtime” on a subway train or simply being behind someone that isn’t moving quite fast enough for their liking…we simply don’t have time for it. Another well documented trait of New Yorkers is their pride in the people of the city.

Donald Trump is a life long New Yorker and the current President of The United States of America. Unfortunately for the people of NYC, he isn’t exactly what you would call a poster child for the NYC. Since his election in November, he has done some absolutely ridiculous shit and here are 5 times he embarrassed the people of NYC just by being himself.

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1.) Cinco De Mayo

When Donnie T decided that he was going to try and deport a metric fuck ton of Mexican people, it was met with a significant amount of pushback. He was called racist and insensitive, among other things. When he talked about “the wall”, the former President of Mexico himself told Donald to eat shit. What I’m getting at here is that the president doesn’t exactly have a heavy Mexican fanbase. So, when Cinco De Mayo came along, he decided that this was the time to strike. This was the time that he would endear himself to the Mexican population! And how did he do that, you may ask? He tweeted a photo of his orange smiling face in front of, what he called, “The Best Taco Bowl” from The Trump Tower Grill and said “I Love Hispanics!” as if his lunch was going to take back all his racist bullshit. Take away the fact that its condescending as shit to say “Hey, I love Hispanics because my restaurant serves this dish!”, you also have to realize that “Taco Bowls” are white people shit. That’s not even an actual authentic Mexican dish. So by trying to endear himself to the people of Mexico, this ass-clown actually managed to make himself look worse than before. Well played, Mr. President.

2.) The London Bombing

When the London Bridge was the target of a terrorist attack, the people of London sprang into action and took charge. Whether it be the civilians that were having no part of backing down of the police that responded lightning quick, London had it taken care of. Of course, any terrorist attack on an ally of the US bears a response from our own government because we can’t seem to keep our noses out of other countries business. This is where our President comes into play. He’s supposed to be the voice of the nation in cases like this. So what did he do? He used his platform to reinforce the grossly racist Travel Ban, shit all over the mayor of the city and finally he retweeted an unverified Drudge Report tweet that shit all over Muslims. Embarrassing would be the least of what I would call these actions.

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3.) Mocking A Disabled Reporter

This one is short and sweet. On a national platform, the president mocked a reporter with a disability and laughed about it later. What the fuck, Don? New Yorkers can be dicks but that’s just gross, man.

4.) The Boy Scouts of America

Think what you want about the BSA but it has always been a non-partisan organization that steers away from claiming allegiance to one side or the other when it comes to politics. They’ve also always considered the US president to be the honorary BSA president so they invite them to speak at The National Jamboree. When Donnie Boy showed up, he decided that a non-partisan platform was the perfect time to talk about…politics. He went completely against the tradition of the scouts and made it a political shit slinging spectacle that the BSA actually had to make an official statement on. I’d like to point out that this is the only time it has ever happened with any president ever.

5.) NATO

We’re at the end and it’s a doozy. Admittedly, I could take an entire article and talk about this one so we’ll just hit the big ones. He shoved the leader of Montenegro like they were below him. He got eaten alive by the leader of France, twice. And finally, he didn’t agree with Germany so he decided to threaten them with taking away manufacturing and sales of German vehicles. You know what that did? It pissed Germany all the way off. I need t take this time to inform you that all the stuff I just listed above was done in a single day. In the span of 24 hours, he pissed off MULTIPLE other countries and got his ass handed to him by France.

Slow clap for our president!

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  1. No_Diggity
    September 5, 2017 at 11:45 am

    What a douche.

  2. zmayhem
    October 24, 2017 at 10:14 am

    How can any worst-of-the-worst list specifically for New Yorkers completely omit his awfulness WRT the Central Park Five? Literally every time since the first reporting of the assault that he’s opened his yap or set pen to paper or fingtip to keyboard on the subject he’s heaped more shame on his hometown.