After 46 Years,The Warriors Finally Acknowledge They Play in Oakland

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The Warriors have decided to finally represent Oakland on their jersey, the city they have been playing in since 1971. I am not going to lie, it feels kind of late to get the acknowledgement that they are Oakland’s team and have been for the last 46 years. It is almost like we were the kids they never wanted to claim but had no choice once the paternity results came back on national TV. “Warriors, you are Oakland’s team!” When they were at their worst, the fans showed up and supported the team. It was not that long ago when tickets were cheap. I remember when they were like $20-$25 (someone mentioned tickets were $5 back in the day). Since 2014-2015’s season, the ticket prices soared out of reach of the long term fans, who were mostly blue collar workers like the true Raiders’ fans. The Warriors have always given back to Oakland, such as the Chris Mullins’ Basketball Court at City of Oakland’s Arroyo Viejo Park and other community events.

Official logo for the City of Oakland

The new team logo, which says The Town, has the Oakland tree as seen on the logo for the City of Oakland. Oakland fans fought hard to be recognized as Oakland, not the San Francisco Bay. We got tired of the NBA showing the Oracle Arena and not mentioning Oakland. I guess the team helped the broadcasters to say what city is the team’s home court.

Although I am happy to see the new logo, a part of me feels like it was a smooth way to break up with Oakland. Oakland embraced the Warriors regardless of what the NBA called us because we knew who they are. They are in East Oakland, right next to the Raiders and A’s. They put the W in RAW (Raiders, Athletics, Warriors)! We are sad to see them go because we have come a long way and it is an end of an era. Warriors, thank you for finally acknowledging us after 46 years. Here is to two more seasons and as Al Davis of the Raiders used to say, “Just win, baby!”


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Joy Elan

Joy Elan

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  1. Noneyabusiness
    September 26, 2017 at 6:02 am

    So now that they’re leaving to San Francisco they do this? On top of that they call Oakland “the town”, how insulting.