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Things to Do to Calm Your Crazy Mind

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Picture by Unsplash

Photo by: Unsplash

Meditation is more than just taking a few deep breaths. It’s the practice of centering yourself in the present, not the past or potential future. Learn to meditate daily with an app like Head Space, which offers guided meditation sessions via your smartphone. With consistent practice, you’ll be able to take a break and meditate even in the middle of a busy day.


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Exercising releases endorphins, which naturally boost your mood. It also exhausts your body, so you have less energy to devote to fretting about your hectic itinerary. It may seem counterintuitive to add another item to your to-do list when your schedule is packed, but even a mere 10 or 15 minutes of exercise a day could help to calm you. If you don’t have time for the gym, start simple with a walk on your lunch break.

Snooze More 

Photo by: Unsplash

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When you’re overwhelmed with work or life in general, one of the first things to go is probably a good night’s sleep. You might stay up late finishing a project or returning emails, or maybe you just have trouble quieting your mind enough to fall asleep at a decent hour. Either way, robbing your body of sleep won’t do anything to help you find your zen. The two previous tips can help you achieve better sleep, but first, you must carve out the time for at least eight hours per night.


Photo by: Unsplash 

If you’re still struggling with slumber even after meditation and exercise, there’s still one natural route left: herbal supplements. Sip on a sleepy-time herbal tea infused with soothing chamomile or a cup of green tea, which is packed with antioxidants that could boost your feel-good hormone levels and therefore ease anxiety. Look for teas that contain valerian root or kava-kava, two powerful sleep aids.

Gain Perspective 

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Stress and anxiety almost always stem from “small picture” thinking wherein you’re so consumed by what’s going on in your own life right now that you lose all perspective. Stop and ask yourself, in the grand scheme of things, how much does this really matter? Five or 10 years from now, will this situation still have any real effect on your life? If you find that the answer is no, it’ll be easier to cope with the issue at hand in a rational way.

Get Creative 

Photo by: Unsplash 

You don’t have to be an artist to create a masterpiece. In fact, you don’t even have to have an idea in mind. When you want to distract your brain from racing thoughts, put your hands to work and try clay doodling. This activity is basically what it sounds like. Grab a lump of clay and start to smush it between your fingers, not aiming for any shape, just getting the creative juices flowing. This mindless act may lead to a work of art, and even if it doesn’t, it should help to soothe your nerves. 

With these diverse methods in your anti-stress toolbox, you should be able to calm your mind even during a busy week. You don’t have to try all nine at once. Start with a little less caffeine and meditation, or ease into an exercise routine and better sleep schedule. Just one or two small tweaks to your busy day could yield big results.

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