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The Cosplay from the Opening Night ‘Solo’ Deserves a Han

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San Francisco went full wookie for the premiere screenings of Solo: A Star Wars Story last night. On hand to get pictures, we were, as the Alamo Drafthouse turned into den of scum, villainy, and scruffy-looking nerf herders.

Princess Leia has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine since Carrie Fisher was struck down in 2016, and this rebel princess tells us she got the R2-D2 leather purse from ThinkGeek.

“I’d sooner kiss a wookie!,” says this guy in the Empire Strikes Back t-shirt. Then that’s exactly what he does, proving he’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

We must zoom in on his ballcap, which boasts a faux-gold Millennium Falcon against a backdrop of hyperdrive stars. We asked where he got it, and he said, “The internet is a wonderful place.”

Apparently the San Francisco Giants were giving out these Millennium Falcon t-shirts at last week’s annual Star Wars Day. The Giants are a couple games below .500 this year, but never tell me the odds.

And check out the back of the shirt!

Wookie jacket chic also takes the form of this ensemble, and the Hoth-inspired Han jacket to the right is indeed

Alamo Drafthouse was handing out these commemorative Solo pint glasses, but they are definitely a ‘While Supplies Last’ thing, and they’re going out of there at light speed.

This is not cosplay per se, but one gentleman did bring his bucket of bolts stormtrooper as a date. He’s also sporting a Darth Vader on an upside-down cross pin with which the Emperor will be most pleased.

If you ever need to get out of jury duty, just show up dressed like this guy.

And if you ever need to walk down Mission Street safely at night, consider dressing like this guy.


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