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Bacchus Kirk to Close in SF, as Rent Triples

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Bacchus Kirk, SF

The Lower Nob Hill bar Bacchus Kirk (925 Bush st.) is officially closing this November.  Bacchus was well known in the neighborhood for it’s cocktail specials, its charming little fireplace, and its extremely rare smoking room indoors.  We got the news from one of Bacchus’ owners, Sharon Lindley who wrote: “Bacchus Kirk will be closing Tuesday, Nov 27th 2018 for good. Sadly like many institutions we have lost our lease and can’t afford to open in another location due to high rents and business decline since Jan 2018, our last party is Sat Nov 17th 7pm-2am, so come say goodbye“.

We asked Sharon a few questions about the closure and their reasons for departing.

BAS: You mentioned BK is closing ‘due to high rent and business decline’. What kind of rent hike were you expecting? 

SL: “The rent went up a few years back when the building was sold and with NNN  (taxes, property insurance, and common area maintenance charges) added to the rent, it tripled. So it’s been high for the last 3 1/2 years.”

(SMH) This is a common theme for small businesses in SF, landlords just want to maximize their profits.  Why was business declining?

SL: “The bar business in general for us has been declining due to our base clientele of industry people that have moved to the east bay and other areas, they likely take the last Bart home etc. or simply have high rent if they are living in the city and can’t afford to spend extra dollars at the bars.”

Bacchus Kirk, SF

How has your neighborhood changed since you’ve been there?

SL:  “Millennials living in the area don’t drink as much, they get off work late and are not as social as our generation due to social media taking over conversations that used to occur in person, not online.”

Bacchus Kirk, SF

How many of your friends and colleagues have moved to the East Bay?

SL:  “A lot of bar folks have moved out to the east bay and this is why we have decided to look for a location in the east bay to continue our Bacchus Kirk partnership, also rents are cheaper and therefore most people have a little more to spend.”

What can people expect from your new bar in Alameda, the AWESOME HUNTER PUBLIC HOUSE!!!??!!

SL: “My husband Jason and myself opened The Hunter Public House in Alameda in June 2018, this bar is doing well with a similar clientele to Bacchus Kirk lots of local people who live on the West End of the island, we are close to Spirit Alley located on Alameda Point and through the Webster Tube from Jack London Square, we are finding that a lot of city people starting a family and looking for a less hectic life are moving to Alameda in particular the West End.”

The Hunter Public House in Alameda

What will happen to the Bacchus bar space now?

SL: “Vintage 415 bought the building a few years back and will be opening their own bar in the space at 925 Bush st.”

And what about the Liquor License?

SL: “We are looking for buyers for our 48 liquor license available Nov 30th”.

Bacchus Kirk, SF

Goobye Bacchus Party
Saturday, November 17,  7 PM
925 Bush St, San Francisco, California 94109

Party Event Page 

For when you’re on the West End of Alameda check out:

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  1. lotusgdess
    April 20, 2020 at 11:05 am

    What a shame. It was just a few doors down from a nice little reasonably priced hotel (Mayflower) & their happy hour specials were very reasonable. Friendly neighborhood atmosphere.