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Simpsons Trivia Night Back at Cafe du Nord, Space Coyote-style. Go There!

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For the first time in over six months, the wacky-ass Classic Simpsons Trivia is coming back to Cafe du Nord Sunday and this time around, it’s all about the “Space Coyote Edition.The whole meticulously-planned evening of animated debauchery is themed after the Carlos Castaneda-inspired episode where Homer eats a Guatemalan Insanity pepper and goes on a quasi-peyote trip. It’s everything you never knew you needed!

The Everything Ecstatic event is hosted by Adrian Spinelli and Zack Ruskin and the duo are teaming up with Chef August Schuchman of West of Pecos to offer up a ridiculous and awesome Space Coyote-themed menu for the hungry masses and Cafe du Nord will be mixing up the best of what Springfield spirits have to offer.

Bust out your swankiest Simpsons costume and come ready to take on the trivia challenges for a chance to “find your Soulmate Homer” and win all kinds of swag. They’re giving away crazy stuff like bar tabs, concert tickets and some Space Coyote gear from HiDesert brand cannabis (they make the Space Coyote hash joint, and yes, that’s a thing!). This is your chance to get something back for all those half-baked, couch-ridden hours in front of America’s favorite cartoon (we say it’s the favorite, so it must be), so grab up your buddies for a night out over some great grub, booze and all things Space Coyote.

Space Coyote gear from HiDesert brand cannabis. Photo courtesy of Space Coyote

Here’s the Deets:

Everything kicks off Sunday, 11/18 at 6 p.m. down at Cafe du Nord.

There will be four rounds of trivia from seasons 1-10 only! (After all, it does say “Classic” right?) – episodes will be shown between rounds.

The food menu is def the highlight and we’ll also have themed cocktails at the bar: This time we’re introducing the Flaming Moe shot (secret recipe of course)! Along with the Space Coyote cocktail (Mezcal, Serrano Chile, Lime, black salt, honey-chile syrup).

The grand prize is a Space Coyote embroidered jean jacket courtesy of Hi Desert Cannabis’s Space Coyote hash joint brand (this is a real thing, lol) but all the prizes are pretty dope.

Tickets are available online and at the door: $5 singles with discount packs offered for teams of 4 or 6.  Check out the Facebook event page here for more info.

And just in case you need an extra push, check out the menu!

Simpsons Trivia Space Coyote Edition Menu

Carnitas Tacos w/ Merciless Pepper Sauce from Quetzalacatenango (or without…but the inmates who grew the peppers deep in the jungleprimeval of a Guatemalan insane asylum worked really hard to make it, so give it a shot!)

Chief Wiggum’s Hearty Chili – Chili Colorado style with thick beef chunks and “rich creamery butter” (not really on the butter, but at least you won’t need to coat your mouth with candle wax for this one)

Psychedelic Green Chile Mac & Cheese – (It’s very cheese-diddl-diddly-iddly-doodl-y) [begins tripping out]

You Don’t Win Friends w/Harvest Salad – Actually, it comes with butter lettuce, jicama, corn, queso fresco, avocado, crispy garbanzo beans and and green goddess dressing….so maybe you DO win friends with this particular salad?

Follow The Tortoise to Chunky Guacamole & Chips – (Please don’t kick the tortoise, you’ll still get the guac & chips)


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