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#NoKidsInCages Press Conference, ‘Art Installation’ at Ninth Circuit Courthouse

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As the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals deliberates on whether or not toothbrushes and soap are essential aspects of “safe and sanitary” conditions, local advocates are organizing a press conference event outside the San Francisco courthouse as part of the #NoKidsInCages campaign.

According to the Facebook event page, people are encouraged to assemble outside 95 7th Street at Mission Street between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. Thursday. The post reads:

“The names of the children who died in American custody will be read aloud and written in chalk on the sidewalk. This is the court determining if the cruel and inhumane Trump policies are constitutional.

We will assemble a wire cage to symbolize the plight of infants and children separated from their families. Inside the cage will be dolls representing the detained toddlers and aluminum foil serving as blankets.”

Similar nonviolent direct actions have been taken all over the country with guerrilla “art installations” depicting prison-like cages refugee children are forced to live in while our administration uses them as human political pawns.

Guerrilla art installation in New York City as part of the #NoKidsInCages campaign. Photo courtesy of Kulture Hub.

The appeal currently being considered in the Ninth Circuit gained national and international attention when the Justice Department’s Sarah Fabian argued in front of the three-judge panel that the administration was not in violation of the Flores Settlement in their treatment of immigrant children being held in detainment camps.

The issues at hand relate to necessities like adequate food and clean water, basic hygiene items, access to bathrooms and the ability to sleep, according to Courthouse News.

To say the judges were incensed by Fabian’s justifications would be an understatement, as is seen in the viral videos that have since circulated.

Federal judges are at work analyzing the charges and the government’s appeal in accordance with the law and have not said when they will rule, but you can get involved by joining organizers Thursday to make sure nobody forgets what cruelty looks like.

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