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Breaking: Six Philly Police Officers Shot in Active Shooter Standoff

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Six officers have been shot during an ongoing active shooter scene near a daycare facility in Philadelphia Wednesday. The number of officers reported quickly increased from four to six in a matter of minutes. Neighbors describe hearing hundreds of rounds of gun fire.

Officers responded to shooting at a residence in Nicetown and multiple suspects were arrested but one male remains armed in the house. Officers and the suspect exchanged fire and continued to as of just before 4 p.m., according to the New York Times. CBS News reports that one officer was shot in the head but is “conscious and communicating.”

The standoff has been in progress for more than two hours and nearby residences and businesses are on lock-down.

The situation is still in progress.

Gun violence does just victimize civilians and the need for sensible gun control is often supported by law enforcement officers, for reasons illustrated by today’s incident.

We wish all the officers a speedy recovery and remind people that gun violence impacts us all.


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