Rosamunde in Lower Haight Closed, But You Can Still Find Them Down the Street!

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The place that makes the best sausages in SF has closed their Lower Haight location today.  They’ve been selling delicious sausages there for some 21 years.  Many an afternoon I grabbed a preservative-free, garlic and paprika stuffed pork sausage there, in between drinking pints and smelling farts at Toronado, sometimes they tasted so good I’d get a couple of knockwursts just to take home with me.  They first opened there in 1998.

Today they said goodbye to this paticular location, but wanted to assure their patrons that their Mission St, and Oakland locations are definitely still open, and they have a delightful partnership with the new German Bar Willkommen down the street on Sanchez & Market St., where you can still order their sausages and pair them with Black Hammer beers.

Via Rosamunde’s website today 9/30/2-19: “Rosamunde has closed its Haight Street location effective Sept 30, 2019. We would like to thank all our loyal Haight St. customers for their years of support. Fans can continue to enjoy their favorite Rosamunde sausages and classic burgers at our other locations in the Mission District (24th and Mission St); downtown Oakland at Swan’s Market, and our newest venture, Willkommen, in the Duboce Triangle/Castro District (at Market and Sanchez).”

Owner Josh Margolis told Alisa Scerrato of Hoodline the following: “As we run our business, we evaluate whether we can keep going because business is good or not. We have opened and closed other locations over the years. It just came time to close this location,” he said, adding, “Things change and then you change, and that’s the way it has to be in the restaurant business.”

This news is particularly hard to stomach given the recent rash of restaurant closures in San Francisco this fall.  Dosa in the Mission closed this week, and 5 separate restaurants closed around the BallPark/Rincon Hill area this month alone, the most recent being Palomino.  Most of those places have been open for decades.  It’s clearly more than just a trend, it has become very expensive to run a small business that actually makes things in San Francisco these days.

Thanks for all the years of great cage-free and grass-fed sausages, and sneaky good burgers on Tuesdays.  And here’s to more great beer & food events at your Mission and Oakland locations, as well as at Willkommen.  Cheers, Rosamunde.

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