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7 Reasons to Take Your Beach Vacation in Winter

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Every summer, people look forward to going on vacation. The hot weather makes it fun to get outside and splash around in a new place. River kayaking and swimming around waterfalls are fun, but going to the beach is one of the most popular ways to vacation.

During the winter, you might still dream about visiting the beach, but it’s more complicated. Unless you travel to a different part of the world, beaches are full of winter gusts and icy water until summer comes back around.

Why wait until the winter passes to visit the beach? Check out these seven reasons to take your beach vacation in the winter. It might become your new annual ritual after you realize how much fun you can have.

1. You’ll Escape Crowded Cities

When you imagine going to the beach, you probably picture crowds sitting across the dunes and sandy parking lots filled with cars. It might not be the serene escape you want in the summer, but that’s different in the winter.

When it’s cold outside, beach towns are moderately empty. You’ll find a quiet world all to yourself, especially out on the beach. It’s the perfect time to go to hear the waves and seagulls without any interruptions.

2. You’ll Save Money

Beach hotels and activities tend to charge higher rates during the summer. They know more people will travel to the area and want to make a profit. During the winter, prices fall. You’ll save money on your dream beach vacation by visiting during the winter.

3. You’ll Enjoy More Romance

If you’re dreaming of going to the beach with your true love, winter is the time to do it. You’ll love the thrill of planning romantic dates and activities when you have the empty beach town to yourselves. Wherever you go, the world will feel like it’s all your own.

4. You’ll Start the New Year

People travel to popular places like New York City to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but you can always do so at the beach when you time your vacation around the end of the year. You might see fireworks over the ocean or kiss at midnight under the moon in a romantic, serene setting.

5. You’ll Blend With the Locals

It’s always a little awkward to walk around with a map and stand out as an obvious tourist. When you’re in a beach town during the winter, you’ll blend right in. You might even become friends with some of the residents.

6. You Won’t Have to Wait

Another problem that comes with going to the beach in the summer is dealing with lines. At every store and restaurant, there are lines and waitlists to put up with. During the winter, the lines will be shorter — if they exist at all. Depending on the size of the beach town you choose, you might not need to ever call ahead before a meal.

7. You Can Try Local Events

Beach towns host events for the tourist crowds, but they hold special events for locals during winter. You might try a polar bear plunge in the ocean to feel the exhilaration that comes from the shock of cold water. They’re fun experiences that wouldn’t be possible if you only visited during the summer.

Plan Your Trip Today

If you haven’t experienced the beach in winter, it’s time to plan your trip. Pick a destination you love or one you haven’t been to yet and figure out where to spend your winter vacation. You’ll enjoy all these benefits and more, especially if you bring a friend or two along for the ride.

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Kacey Bradley

Kacey Bradley

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