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Winners And Losers In The SF DCCC Race

Updated: Apr 20, 2020 11:47
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They’re still counting ballots, but we know most of the winners in the SF Democratic County Central Committee elections, the nerdy but powerful behind-the-scenes elected Democratic body that an astonishing 56 people were running for this year. The race breaks San Francisco down into two districts, and in 2020, we had 35 candidates running on the east side and 21 candidates running on the west side. There’s a lot of results to go through!

There are just over 1,000 provisional ballots still to be counted as of 4 p.m. Thursday March 12, but we know who won (and lost) the biggest contests, but there are still a few developing NAILBITERS, the very latest on which we’ve detailed below. The Broke-Ass Stuart Decision 2020 Desk will update this post with the latest results as soon as they come available from the SF Department of Elections, which generally happens between 4-5 p.m. each day until all final winners are determined.

Sup. Matt Haney’s math above is again correct with changes from the Wednesday 4 p.m. vote update. Party chair David Campos and his Social Justice Democrats slate are still the huge winners, with 21 of 24 contests going their way over the rival Mobilize Organize slate. Here are the nailbiters that still remain unresolved, and that math can still change by the hour!

Everyone highlighted in blue is ahead, and everyone not highlighted in blue is behind. Image: SF Elections


We don’t know how many more votes remain to be counted as of right now, but today’s results continue a huge-post election swing.

The new shocker is in District 19, where school board member Faauuga Moliga has expanded his lead over DCCC member Mary Jung to about 300 votes (he was 255 votes ahead in yesterday’s results). Sheriff Paul Miyamoto and Sup. Ahsha Safia surprisingly fell completely out of contention, despite their name recognition advantages. 

Everyone highlighted in blue is ahead, and everyone not highlighted in blue is behind. Image: SF Elections

Over in District 17, independent candidate Gloria Berry continues her momentum adding  more votes to solidify her place the No. 13 spot. (The top 14 finishers win seats.) Nancy Tung remains nearly 400 votes ahead of Kevin Ortiz, and Carole Migden has fallen out of the “top 14” who win seats.

Tung’s potential win represents the Mobilize Organize slate’s only win in District 17 seat.


This was a humongous and overwhelming victory for the re-elected Campos and his Social Justice Democrats slate, and pretty much everyone mentioned in Matt Haney’s mom’s tweet above won their race. Current and former supervisors powered to big victories, like Jane Kim, John Avalos, Hillary Ronen, and Rafael Mandelman in District 17, and Gordon Mar and public defender Mano Raju in District 19. 

The only bright spots for the Mobilize Organize slate were former district attorney Suzy Loftus (2nd place) and DCCC member Mary Jung (currently 10th place). 

Some lesser-known, up-and-coming activists who enjoyed big wins include Honey Mahogany and BART McMuffin protest organizer Janice Li.

Image: zoxcleb via Flickr


But recognized names did not translate to a “Top 14” finish for Sup. Shamann Walton (19th place in District 17) and former Sup. Vallie Brown (20th place), neither of whom appears likely to be able to make up the votes needed for a win. Also on the outside looking in is Sup. Ahsha Safai, currently in 14th place in District 19, and more than 1,700 votes behind Li Miao Lovett for the 10th place seat in that district.  

The poor finish has to be a shock for Safai, who ran the most expensive campaign of all 56 candidates, and Sup. Walton, who ran the fifth most expensive campaign. Those two campaigns received the largest number of checks that exceeded the $500 campaign finance limit required by the DCCC bylaws, so it’s nice to see that money does not necessarily buy a win. Though other winning campaigns that also took one or two checks exceeding that limit include Hillary Ronen, Matt Haney, and Gordon Mar.

We’ll update these results at 4-5 p.m. each day until we know all 56 winners for sure, so check back!

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